Burning rageMature

"Bring It on you little whelps." Ashen said pulling his left handed blade out of a monks stomach. "Cause if this is all that the renowned monks have to offer then i will have to go back to the bar. At least there fights are fresh." He continued removing his edged nine tailed whip from the stomach of another.  "Come on bring it." he yelled before jumping into anther group of monks. 

"I will never like to be on the receiving end of you blood rage." One of the solders said whilst they divided there share of plunder. "ha im sure that nobody would." Another person said. "You thieving scoundrels." The priest said. The priest was tied up to the main pillar of the temple along with the priestesses. "Um escuse me but i am a fuck mothering pirate. I killed allot of you men to get this title i deserve to be called such. He said grabbing one of the priestesses and pushing her to his tent before closing his tent behind him.

The End

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