Strategy ultimumMature

"Now men go to the right and push there right flank. Magistrates go take care of the peoples that are coming down the mountain" Gilshem said. Gilshem was a strategist form Wel and he was communicating through his water bowl that gave him a birds eye view over the battle field. There enemies were solders from Nolz. They were being wiped away by the superior power of there magistrates. "Now send in the valkyrie." He said. He watched as his wife flew over the battle field eviscerating everything she looked at.

At the camp they celebrated there new victory. Gilshem hugged his wife Manikete. "See wife do you not appreciate my talents." Gilshem said. "Yes of course we do you are only surpassed by king Garleb." She said. True but soon i will become greater than him." He said. Yes you will my love now lets get some sleep before tomorrow morning..

The End

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