The earth tells me so.Mature

"Master what does the earth tell you?" One monk asked. "It tells me that the Wellanians are on the move with there pike men. I do not think that fighting them in the open will be a wise move so let us wait to ambush them further in the mountains before they reach Galim fortess. Nobless said. Him and the other fifty monks skalled the mountain with supernatural speed. They jumped from boulder to boulder until Nobless stopped. "Here is where we will fight." He said. He picked up a large boulder and set it down on the top of the mountain. The others followed him. 

Eight hours later the Solders of Wel arrived in the canyon. there were about five hundred pike men. When they were in the middle of the canyon Nobless his one of the boulders and sent it down into the opening of the canyon. The others did so to and in no time there was no way to escape the deadly monks. "Now men remember that there is no other way than forward." He said before jumping down three hundred feet below into the midst of the enemy solders.

Sixteen minuets later they were piling up the dead bodies to burn them. Nobless was completing the rituals of the dead. when he grabbed the torch and threw it into the pile. "Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. That is the end of all life." He said frowning.

The End

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