In the frozen watersMature

Far lower on the small planet of Necross there ran a man bearing a message for the queen of Galay. 

"Huff huff. There is the ice castle. I have to make it there." The messenger said. Upon entering the castle that was guard-less. He ran through he empty halls and into the thrown room where the Ice queen sat on her thrown of Ice. "Queen I have a message for you." He said. "Speak!" She said firmly. "The world it has.... it has." He gasped. "Well what is it!" She said firmly. The messenger composed himself and drew a single breath in. "The other kingdoms have declared war on each other and on your kingdom." He said calmly.

"Dussel enter." She said striking her staff on the ground. A guard entered wering no shirt and tight black pants along with a large kilt and a belt made entirely of frozen steel. He marched up and struck his lance against the ground. "What is it that you command of me my queen?" He asked "Assemble the solders and there masters. You are to protect this land." She said. "Yes my queen." He said before marching out. The queen stood up and struck her staff against the floor again creating a crater. Water coursed up her body and around her figure. Upon reaching there designated areas they froze and formed her armor. "Come we make to the battle field."

The End

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