the sistersMature

Three women spinning thread in there cave. There art in the form of a giant web that carried universes that held the fates of all living creatures. Here in this cave they spun on looking upon sights that they wondered and explored. Else spun her thread of repair upon the stalks of the outer web when a shine caught he eye and drew her in to see the small world that was only supported by a feeble string that was lonely in essence and form. The floating world of Necross. This was a world that they had long abandoned. Else watched as the worlds sun, a gleaming shine in the thread that was spun so long ago, rose and fell on the lonely world. She spun her web over the old one repairing it. 

"Else it is better not to meddle in the affairs that we have abandoned long ago." Verise said. Verise was the second sister, she was firm and cross but caring. "But sister i wish to have this planet, even if it was one of our failures." Else said. "Is that what you really wish?" Charlet Asked. Charlet was the eldest of the three sisters, She had the prettiest blue eyes and her hands were young and gentle as was her personality, but even though her image was young she was very wise and kind. "Yes it is" Else Replied. "Then it is your responsibility." Charlet Said. "Thank you sister you are very kind." Else said. Charlet cut the strings keeping the small planet suspended and grabbed it in her gentle hands. She place it on a stone and went to work creating a small web in the corner. Upon finishing the web she grabbed the planet and gently placed it in the center of it. "Now Else you are the sun of this universe. You are its controler and its protector. I will expect you to bring it forth from the brink of destruction and make it strong enough to be placed back in the vast web." Charlet said gesturing towards the Giant web that expanded millions of miles to them. "I will sister." Else said just before she returned to silently weaving. 

a couple days later in what the planets would consider thousands of years but only two days to the sisters Else came upon Her planet. "Such a desperate planet that has little life but i will change it and bring forth a new life from within it. All it needs is a little bit of... Remodling." Else said Weaving around the planet.

The End

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