True warMature

in this storie there are five nations. they are controled by one king but when he dies they go to war.
this can be a collaborative effort.
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in this storie there are five nations.

just so you know this storie contains curse words and lots of them.

//note// magic is only found with few people like commanders and hero's and only like 1 out of every 2000 people can use it.

//note// none of the names are permanent you can change them if you want.

Galay the nation of peace. This is the nation that the previos king estabished in the tundras and it is where he ruled from. there magic is scarce but powerful. There forces are trained for total discipline and they are well supplied with weapons, however they are in the tundras so food is short. There warriors are killing machines and alwase calm and collected. there leader is the ice Queen Serame.

Goral is the nation of disciplin. They live in the mountains. There warriors are well built and deadly but training them is difficult so they do not have to many warriors. There magic is Powerful but it takes a long time to charge. The crops are grown in vallies so they have not problem there, and since they live in the mountains they have very good fortresses and have many weapons. There leader is the legendary warrior monk Nobless.

Wel is the nation of knowledge. There Cities are found in the seas and oceans. There many cities allow them to have many many troops and fortresses, but weapons are scarce. they have plantations that float so that is not a problem. They are the only people that have squads of magic users becaus they can use magic more promenantly. There most notable atribute is there schools. Wel has the greatest strategins. The greatest of these strategins is there king Garleb.

Nolz is the nation of conquest. There empire is one that is well funded and powerful. there solders are well trained and they have many weapons but there magic is very scarce. they dwell in the desserts and neer volcanoes so they don't have much food or drink. However they are very skilled in the arks of war. There emperors name is Scalift.

Zeft is the nation of technology. They live in the lands of the clouded grounds There powers Are unrivaled when it come to warfare in technology. however they can not use any kind of magic. There resorses are not scarse and there weapons are powerful. There emperors name is Tesla and he is the only person in the Kingdom that can use his thunder magic.

The End

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