“So how do we know if we can trust you?” Ace sais, “Well if I plan anything you will know what I’m thinking and stop me or leave before I’ll harm you. Satisfied?” And plus who said I was going with you? “Well Jack has grown attached to you he’ll be sad if you leave, and plus he’ll probably follow you and I go where he goes.” Ace sais.

“Yup so we are going to keep you.” Jack sais with pride in his voice. “What am I a stray dog?” Ace sais “I don’t really see any difference?” ASSHOLE! He smiled. “I already knew I was, what are you?”

“Not a nine year old obviously.” Can he not get on my nerves for a second? “Where is my sisters letter?” I ask him.  “It’s been a second.” He sais with a smirk. I wish I could slap his smirk off his face. “You can try but you won’t succeed.” I grab the closest thing to me, which is a rock and throw it at him.

“Can you both stop arguing for just a second you are both getting on my nerves. There is an army coming to hunt us down in who knows how many seconds can you both shut up and get what is useful.” Jack sais. Ace and I look at each other ashamed.

How can we argue when we don’t even know if we will live to see another day?

I go to dismount the tent. Ace sais “don’t bother to get the tent to take it down will take to long and we have to disappear as soon as possible.” “Ok, but aren’t we going to need shelter?” I ask. “We’ll make it ourselves a tent is too obvious and shelter can be the clothes on your back.” He answers, ok thanks Ace. “No problem” he answers.

“I will give you the letter once we find a safe place to read it.” That forces me to leave with them and stay with them until I get my letter.

“Mother load” I hear Jack say, “Jack what did you find?” Ace sais. “Can’t you just read his mind?” No he can’t, that is why he isn’t answering. So his power has limitations.

Wait, does that mean my do too?

“Probably” he replies, no I doubt it. No, mine probably does has limitations; doesn’t everything has limitations even though it might seem limitless. While thinking about my power and its possible limitations the sound of both ace and Jack calling my name interrupted my train of though.  

“Yeah?” I respond, “How did you get so much food?” Jack asked. “Well, my sister she knew that in a situation like this that the more time passed the less food or no food left in most grocery or convenience stores, and she thought that their would be a lot more people going to fight over the food at the stores and a lot of people would die for food. So instead we went to food banks and churches. People didn’t bother to look there. I guess a sort of hunger games.” “Hunger games?” Jack and Ace asked.

“Don’t you know the movie or the book from the 2000’s, was one of the first successful film based on a movie.” “Sorry we didn’t really watch or read any of the classic 2000 stuff.” Jack responds, “sorry we are not as old as you.” Ace responds.

“I am not old! How old are you Ace?” I ask him. “You guys can’t stop flirting for a second, don’t forget about the army.” Jack sais. “We are not flirting” we both reply at the same time.

“Alice quickly grab what you need we need to leave.” Jack sais. I go climb the nearest tree where I left my backpack and Kathy’s in case we left it there if we needed to grab only the essentials. And leave the rest. Then it hit me, why didn’t Kathy have her bag.  

How old are Jack and Ace, the more I am with them the less I can tell.

The End

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