The Past comes back: Good or Bad?Mature

I see a bit of surprise in his eyes, he nods. He looks at Jack “So you found yourself another boy toy?”

I didn’t reply. “He’s better looking than the last one.” I wanted to tell him to shut up. “Why weren’t you affected by the charge?” He smiled and for a second and only a second it made me forget where I was and it brought me back to the old days.

“So it was you, dramatic pause for effect, I was wondering who it was.” He smiled a sadistic smile; it sent shivers down my spine.  “You’ve got a wonderful gift Alice why don’t you join me in the military?” He looked at me up to down like a piece of bacon.

It made me feel worst than trash. “Sorry but no,” I said smiling “Are you sure?” he said threateningly, “yup I’m sure.” I tried to say as confidently as I could.  He growled.  I stood my ground.

He comes closer, I begin to absorb electricity and make sure I am not touching Jack. I stand my ground. He’s almost in front of me and I’m ready to strike.

Then he smiles. He actually smiles. It scared me more when he smiled.

“Birdie,” he says “I’ll let you go this time and only this time. I can’t promise to protect you next time we meet. I’m doing this as a favor for your sister.” He looks around and continues “I’ll give you an hour, to get rid of your scent because trust me Alice they’ll come after you. After what you managed to do today they’ll search for you. Run, birdie run.”

We don’t need to be told twice before we scurry out of there. We run directly to camp.

I want to break down and cry but I know I can’t.  I feel as if I lost my sister forever.

Once we get to camp Jack and I are both panting for air. Suddenly Ace gets out of the tent.

“WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!” He screams. “Stop” I said in my regular voice. “They might hear you.”

I think that Jack mentally told him what happened because he didn’t say anything for a good minute. “Jack why didn’t you stop her you know as well as anyone that it isn’t safe out there.” Ace said angrily, “she would have gone alone, and you know it.”

“What do we care Jack,” the instant the moment those words left his mouth he realized what he said and looked at me and said “I’m sorry.”

I just looked at him hoping my thoughts wouldn’t escape “There’s no need to be sorry you told the truth what do I matter to either of you, we are not family or companions so next time don’t worry.”

“I’ll be fine on my own, just worry about yourselves. I’m taking my stuff.” I begin to grab my stuff and they didn’t say anything.

What I heard was interesting, a one sided conversation. Although I knew it was Jack and Ace, but jack didn’t need to say anything because he just said it in is head.

“I know” 

“So what”

 “Me apologize I already did that”

“We need to take care of ourselves”

“Being a girl, so what”

Ouch that one hurt. So I stopped paying attention to the conversation. 

I grabbed all my stuff and began walking away. For some reason I knew the militia was coming, had it been an hour already shit.

“There nearby guys we’ve got to leave.” I said in low tones. Jack asks me “Do you think that he kept his promise?”

“I don’t know I said but I don’t trust anyone anymore” I said and he nodded. 

The End

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