I looked at Jack and he looked down at me worried. He whispered in my ears “What can you do?” Thoughts were racing in my head should I tell him? He continues, “It has something to do with lightning right?”  I nod.

I’m sorry sister, but it’s an emergency.

“How many people can you attack at the same time?” I shrug and say, “I don’t know.”  His voice gets rougher and louder “How do you not know?”

I hear in the distance “Roi has a scent,” a soldier announces then I hear a wham. Then the captains’ angry voice sais “Shut up! They might be close enough to hear you announce that, do you want them to know we have an advantage.” I hear the soldiers voice turn high pitch “ I’m sorry sir, my mistake sir.” “Make sure this incident never occurs again or I’ll feed you to Roi next.”

“Can we move?” I ask Jack, he replies, “ We might be heard.”  “That won’t matter if they have the monster Roi tracking us does it?” He nods.

“Lets walk behind the tree because I might need to let go of you and I don’t want them to see me.” He nods and we walk a few steps until we are behind the tree and we make sure not to make any noises by looking were we are walking.

I touch the ground with one of my hand to feel how much electricity that is flowing on the ground. Surprisingly there is a lot.

I hope that my plan works.

“Jack, go climb the tree and go on a branch.” I said urgently. “Why?” He asks suspiciously. “I will use my power and if it works and you’re on the ground you might be injured.” He did complain. I hear the armed forces come closer.

I hope that my plan works because if it doesn’t, I don’t know what will happen to me.

I take a deep breath and try to absorb the electromagnets in the air and absorb them into my body. I remember a warning from my sister after I fainted after I used my power once “Don’t absorb too much electricity if you do then you’ll die.”

I won’t I tell myself.

I am absorbing a lot of electricity that I’m shaking, and I give the electricity back to the earth.  It produces a charge that attacks everyone with a shock that last depending on how close they were to me and how much electricity I absorbed.

Then I see Jack fall on the ground with a grin and I see his hair is a little bit static. He looked funny. Then I hear a deep voice not near me “I found two little birdies.” Shivers better yet electricity runs through my body. I recognize the voice, Roi.

I move in front of Jack to face Roi, he looks surprised to see me.

“Alice” he sais his voice sounded like a snakes sliver surrounding his prey. Jack looks at me in shock.  “How’s your darling sister Kathy?”

“Dead” I said with a flat voice.

The End

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