“Fuck” Jack muttered, suddenly he grabbed my arm and held me close to him. I would like to escape the people rushing into the forest thank you very much and not to be embraced in this very moment.

As I am about to open my mouth to say something he covers my mouth and sais “don’t say anything because they will be able to hear you. What’s the point of them not hearing us when they will come closer they will be able to see us.

“Just watch” he sais I don’t want to look around I want to escape, a soldier come into view neither of us move. He turns I put my head into Jacks arms I might as well be in his arms when I come near my last moments.

I was waiting to hear something but I heard nothing it was all silent.

Jack and I are clearly in his view, why isn’t he telling his pals that we are here. What is he doing?

I stare at him in awe because I see more soldiers approaching us but like the other one they don’t do anything. They might not catch us, I feel safer than I felt a few moments ago.

The captain the one on the horse seems to search for us in the forest he has his sword in his hand cutting trees I guess that he knows about the abilities some teens can have.

“Mike” he says “is anyone in these woods?” One of the boys looked cleaner than most of the other ones replied, “No captain, we haven’t seen them or anyone.”  “Are you sure” he asks suspiciously the boy replies, “I am sure, sir” “get Roi” the captain ordered to the boy.

“But sir” he began stuttering, “listen to me and get Roi” he yells the boy falls to the ground and moves back and runs back to the main road.

Then I heard a scream what must have happened Jack pulls me closer to him “don’t look” he sais, but it doesn’t stop me from seeing what I saw.

The person known as Roi, was tall and full of blood on him he looks at the captain and sais “ I want my next meal cleaner, I don’t like piercing dirty skin captain” he spoke with a disrespectful tone toward the captain. “Roi,” he said “I can’t always comply with all your commands it was hard enough to keep him healthy and clean-ish before you had him as your meal.” “He was good I will give you that” the monster replies, the thought of him eating the boy it just gruesome, why?

Who was this monster? When I saw its face I noticed the resemblance between the monster and my sister old boyfriend Roi. It wasn’t just a resemblance; it was him. The thought turned my stomach upside down.

No, I couldn’t believe this.

He dated my sister before the darkening but realizing that someone close to you turned into a monster is one of the worst things imaginable. This is what the darkening did to people; it caused some of us to lose their humanity.   

The End

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