On the roadMature

We both kept silent until we got to the road, which led to the dinner and across the dinner was my sister’s body.

I was about to look on the road to see if there was anyone coming but the in a sudden moment I was grabbed by my waist and thrown to the ground with a hand over my mouth.

I was beginning to struggle against it then a seductive voice said “Be quiet, stay here I will check the road” it was Jack’s voice he moved his hand from my mouth and moved closer to the road. He went on the road, I couldn’t see what was going on but his eyes turned wild, and ran up to me and dragged me behind a bush with him.

I was about to say something but before I could he put his sweaty hand, it wasn’t like this before I noticed he was holding me and was slightly shaking.

What had he seen that scared him so much, and it was beginning to scare me, a minute later I heard a soft movement on the road. A lot of people, maybe walking slow pace in a large group move closer as they got closer Jack’s shacking increased and so did my fear. What are they?

As they moved closer I stopped breathing, I couldn’t believe what I saw.

We both stopped moving as they came into sight, they were all boys of the ages 12 to 23 I think. But they didn’t look normal they all had scars on their body, they barely had any clothes on they basically wore short shorts, and a muscle shirt.

They all look malnourished; you can see till the bone it was disgusting, the sight was horrifying. A guy on a horse he seemed to be the commander of this all boys army, said “You there,” he pointed at one of the boys “go grab the girl” my heart stopped.

Jack pulled me behind him; the commander continued saying “The one over there in the flower patch.” I took a breath of relief, then the boy he asks seems to have heard me and his eyes meet mine I stop moving, hoping he didn’t see me. The boy doesn’t look more than 14 nods and goes to grab a girl in the flower patch.

I realize which girl they were referring to Kathy, I take a step then Jack pulls me back and fell on a tree branch, which makes a noise loud enough for them to hear. “There might be others search these woods, now” the commander roars, they all rush into the forest where Jack and me were SHIT.

And it's all my fault.

The End

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