Waking up...Mature

I continue to cry on Ace's chest it warm and comfortable; before I know it I fall asleep. This time I didn't dream about Kathy, when I woke up my head is still on Ace's chest he’s also in a deep sleep.

I suddenly realize the fact that me and Ace slept together I look at him, I take a breath of relief he still has his clothes on, I look down as so do I.

I am secretly disappointed I’m glad he wasn’t awake and able to read my mind.

I am glad he wasn't awake when I woke up because it would have been awkward to explain that my dead sister visited me in a dream, which is why I woke up in total panic, which led to being cuddled by Ace.

I slightly blush, remembering how good it felt to be in his arms.

I look at him he looks adorable asleep, since I see him closer he could be between 18 and 19 years old. He has long wavy brown hair I went to touch his hair but I stopped myself. I can't think about boys right now I need to solve the puzzle my sister left me with.

I walk out of the tent where Ace and me where sleeping, I walk out slowly to try not to wake him up I walk backwards.

I don't notice the entrance of the tent and I trip, I am falling backward then someone catches me. A voice behind me sais "Hey" I recognize the voice its Jack.

"Can you let me down now" I tell him "sure" he does I fall on the ground "ow, Jack couldn't you have done that a little nicer." He looks down and faces me "well you could have asked me to drop you down nicely." I simply roll my eyes.

I stand up and I walk away then Jack comes up beside me and sais "where are you going?" "Somewhere" he laughs and sais "where is this somewhere." I stop walking "why do you care, I am nothing to you" "true but a girl all alone in this new world created by the shift can be dangerous especially" he checks me out "for an attractive girl like you."

I laugh, so hard tears fall from my eyes attractive was I before the darkening now, I’m filthy and my clothes are torn I am no longer who I used to be. I am no longer attractive if I was I would turn out nothing more than a beautiful horse at a horse auction.

That is not my destiny.

If it wasn't the darkening I would have loved the compliment and used it to my own advantage but now I could care less. I turned around and faced Jack I lost my breath as I saw him. He had short blond hair with a good-looking face, perfect eyebrows and nose, amazing bone structure, and greenish blue eyes. He was amazingly hot, but right now there were more important matters than boys, thought I am surprised how both of them survived.

"Jack, I need to be alone I am going to visit my sisters grave" he doesn't say anything so I walk away "I will come with you" he replies "why? I will just get emotional, don't boys hate that" he responds "emotion only shows that your human, people have lost that. You should be glad you still have some left."

As we walk toward the flower patch we don't say anything because what he said was true after the darkening people have lost their humanity.

The End

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