The DreamMature

"Oh, dear" and that is the last thought I have before I faint. In a dream I see Kathy, my eyes begin tearing up I go run up to hug her but she shakes her head "Why?" I ask her. Then she says "Hi," then I yell at her "you died and when I see you the only thing you say is hi."

She gives me a sad smile and simply nods, then I say "Well your dead so I can't be mad at you," then she waves her hands and images appear cards, an ace, a jack, a queen, a king, and a joker but that card was different from the rest it had a X across it and the word 'BEWARE.'

"Cards, really?" I say totally confused she nods, I can't ask for more because just seeing her is relief for me. Kathy my dear sister, then I begin crying and say "why did you leave me?"

Then I feel like the air slapped me, and Kathy looks angry and then she said "figure out the missing pieces," "what missing pieces? What are you talking about?" I tell her then she shows me only the cards jack and ace.

Wait why do the sound so familiar then it hits me right in the face literally then I ask her "Jack and Ace, right the boys who found me?" she nods.

Ok so I just find the king and queen, and then I have the cards and then what.

"So Kathy, what do I do after?" she smiles and then said "I can't give you all the pieces in the puzzle you have to figure out the rest.

 As she begins to fade she says, "I love you Alice, take care and beware of the joker."

I yell "Kathy" and I try to reach her, then I wake up to Ace yelling my name "Alice, Alice wake up it's just a dream." He brings me closer to him and holds me in his arms "its ok, its ok." I begin crying on his shoulder and he didn’t complain it felt nice to be comforted by Ace, he smelled like a fresh scent of pine.

And for the first time after the darkening happened I felt safe and protected. It felt nice.

Although I knew this most likely was temporary.

The End

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