"Hey, where are you going Blondie?" Jack says I turn to look at him "none of your business, and I don't call me Blondie,” I said it ruder than I wanted it to be, who cares. Then Ace says "if you don't let us help you, you won't survive for long," rude then I reply "I have lived this long haven't I?"

They were right about something I wouldn’t have lived this long on my own, not without Kathy.

They didn't say anything, then Ace says "yeah, but not alone," I turn to face him "hit a spot didn't I?" I wanted to yell at them and tell them to leave me alone but it would only make me feel lonelier than I already am.

Then Jack says "you know our names, know tell us yours" I am hesitant to reply because after the darkening names left traces and it was dangerous "I am Alice," then Ace comes closer and begins circling me like a vulture. Boys they're animals, clearly. Then and now. I walk away and head to the campsite; I quickly check my backpack it's not there. WHAT, WHY IS IT NOT THERE. FUCK!

 I scramble looking in every pocket of my bag and it's not there, what I am positive that I left it here why isn't it here. Then a voice says "are you looking for something," I turn to see Ace holds a letter in his hand at the entrance of the tent. How the fuck did he get the letter.

How did he know about the letter? Has he read what it says? What does he know?

He is definitely getting on my nerves, I know Kathy said to use my powers for emergency and clearly this is it, I have to read the letter. I move my hand to shock him until he passes out so then he won't become a problem for the next 6 hours approximately, but where is Jack?

I know I can take both of them as long as they are both separated and who knows maybe I can do it while their both together?

I close my fist so he thinks I am just going to punch him, and he won't think much of it. But the unexpected happened, he dodged it and said "you really should try not to electrocute me, I can help you?" 

I stare at him dumb folded, he knew I was going to electrocute him how? It's not like he can read my mind. I decide to full on go and tackle him know, then Jack comes and to protect Ace he tackles me to the ground. Luckily I fall on the mattress, and Jack is still on top of me. This is totally not my day.

I guess he doesn't realize how much of an awkward situation we are in. 

Then Ace says "dude, look what you're doing" what is he doing reading my mind, I quickly dismiss it because it's impossible. "Not as impossible as you might think" he says with a smirk on his face.

Holy shit, this is not possible Ace can read my mind. Shit!

The End

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