Ace and JackMature

I try to move my legs but his grip doesn't loosen "Let go of me" I scream, and try to kick him. Then he says "you're a girl" I look at his face, he looks confused, I respond "yeah I am girl so what,” with that look on your face about.

His mouth is wide open; he looks like he doesn't believe I am a girl. 

"Really you're a girl?" he says, "yes I am a girl, can you let go of me know?" He loosens his grip and I take this opportunity and I kick him in the balls. He let's me go completely, then another voice says "I can't believe you're a girl." "Why, why not surely you have seen a girl before" he is standing against a tree and nods but I can't see his face clearly and says "yes, I of course have seen girls," he realized what he said and "you idiot, why would you ask that question."

Did he just call me an idiot; I felt electricity in my hand as I closed my fist. But I remember my sisters warning a long time ago "don't use your powers, unless you're in serious danger, but above all don't be reckless."

I guess I’m reckless without her as my anchor.

She said that too often, it got annoying, but I know that whenever my sister gave advice it was always better to follow it or else you will face consequences. 

"Well I asked that question because you looked like an idiot when you found out that I am a girl," I replied to the person. He moves out of the trees shadow and into the moonlight, his eyes were dark brown and they had a glint of mischievous and very suspicious, his hair was black. 

He smiled and said "Hi I'm Ace, and he is Jack the one you just kicked" I looked at the guy who I kicked and said "Jack I’d say sorry if I knew I wasn’t in danger, and if I felt guilty about kicking you." I stood up and begin to turn around to go to the camp. 

That letter is the last thing my sister left me with, I need to go back and get it.

The End

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