Damn it, where did I leave the letter I quickly check through my jacket pockets no it's not there. Where is it? I don't remember where I left it, how could this be.

Suddenly I hear voices, people's voices and that didn't always mean good things.

They usually meant the opposite. I run and decide to hide behind the trees, its dark and there is not a lot of lighting, so they won't be able to see me. I decide then I should put my hood over my head because my army green jacket and hood will blend better than my blond hair.

They move close and I decided to eavesdrop on their conversation.

I can see them there are two of them boys; one seems to be around his twenties, and the other in his late teens. The youngest one says "Jack, we need a place to stay why don't we stay at the tent we saw back there it looked like it had supplies," then I remembered the tent. That’s where Kathy and me stayed. Its there the letter is, in my backpack I left it in the front pocket, how could I have forgotten? “Stupid” I murmured under my breath.

"Ace, you never know if it could be a trap" said the oldest one, "Jack we saw the body, back there it could have been hers."

They saw Kathy, maybe they killed her and if they did they would face me.

"Ace, we saw the body it didn't have any wounds on it and we don't know how she died, she was obviously not alone, we saw her in that patch of flowers she was loved" said Jack. Yes it was my sister and she was loved. "But Jack we have to rest here for the night its cold, there was a tent and it has blankets. We won't be cold" one of then took a sigh and said, "yes, I guess you are right. Ace if there is anyone else there either we share or we fight for it and win." He said it with so much determination and confidence in his voice.

I smile I doubt I’d lose also but I hope that they don't find the letter before I do.

So I decide that I have to get to camp before they do and grab what I can. I start running toward the camp, and then suddenly I feel like someone pulled me to the ground. Damn it. I try to get up but they grabbed me by my knees, I turn around and look at him. He has brown hair and blue eyes, and he says, "Who are you?" 

I have to get out; I need to get the letter. 

The End

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