The DarkeningMature

 I remember learning about my new transformation or power caused by the shift, or the blur as some people call it, but I call it the darkening. It changed everything; food was scarce and people are sacred. People always needed something, here. Most people died the day of the darkening, and the few who lived most likely died from disease, starvation, natural causes, murder and the worst to be eaten.

The darkening caused a lot of changes in both the earth and human beings. It made people lose themselves due to circumstances and forced them to become thieves, looters, murderers and rapists.

Only monster ate other human being the thought of it is simply horrible. I call them monsters because they are no longer human beings. To eat another human being, the people who did it, I consider them to be worse than filth. They disgust me, they cannot even call themselves human, and they lost the human part of themselves when they first tasted human flesh.

The darkening caused a lot of things to happen, everyone who lived through it changed.

There was no more government. It didn't exist anymore, only small armies created to protect a town or land. The military did create an army of its own they made sure that they get food, clothing and a place to stay. We don't have a government any more we just have an army ruling us called the armed forces or militia. They have the most dangerous weapons, and they control the continent of the Americas.

North and South America became the Americas.

Since not a lot of people survive the darkening, the worst thing that happened was that the amount of women decreased significantly.  Being a woman after the darkening became dangerous, most were being sold to the highest bidder, and if that woman had a daughter to protect her virtue became a matter of life or death.   

It was a miracle that my sister Kathy and I survived on our own that long.

 It was thanks to her ability that was given to her during the darkening, the ability of foresight aka visions of the future. Now that she was gone, how long will I last not knowing where to go and to know whether or not if I will find trouble? She always knew what to do.

Kathy she must have known that she was going to die. Typical Kathy not telling me the details, I need to know. The last time I saw her, she gave me a letter. And told me to read it when I thought the time was right and the next thing I know; she left. She's gone, she's dead I will never talk to her, hear her beautiful voice, I will never have a person to count on, and I lost my sister Kathy.

I need to read the letter she left me.

The End

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