For the happy moments...Mature

I have never felt this useless in my life; I was always busy either part of a sports team, on the drama team, and the dance team. I was popular, friends with everyone I wasn't hated by anyone. I had a boyfriend who loved me and I loved him back, when I was with him he made me feel special. Remembering these moments and memories brings a smile to my face.

It makes me a little bit happy, an emotion I haven't felt in a long time.

But everything was taken from me, all that I had known was real or true with the snap of the fingers had vanished turned to ashes. I had lost many things that horrible summer day my parents, my friends, and slowly I began to lose myself too.

In one word everything I had thought was real was Gone

"Don't just stand around Alice, help me out here," "with what, sis?" I said, my voice still trembling with fear, she just looks at me and she looks angry. "Alice, can you for a minute stop thinking about yourself and do something that can actually benefit us both, our asses are on the line here" Kathy can't she just help me; by explain what is going on.

"Kathy can't you just tell me what's going on, so I can help you" I look at her pleading for answers; I see her taking a deep breath and slowly relaxing her muscles. "Alice," she takes a deep breath and continues "what is happening, I think it is something like an apocalypse” wait, pause apocalypse like zombies. What the fuck. I am so confused my head is spinning. She tells me in an affirmative tone "we need something, anything mostly food that can last days, weeks or maybe if we are lucky months."

"Alice" she said softer "check if any of the cars are working, and if they aren't then take the fuel it is a valuable resource we are going to need it." I simply nod and turn around.

"Aren't you going to need the keys" Kathy said, keys what keys I look at her puzzled "Car keys dummy." Oh right, Kathy doesn't know my secret Friday night hobby carjacking, I smile to myself and tell her "I don't need keys," she looks at me confused. 

"Don't ask" I am not planning to tell her this because she doesn't need to know this yet but I have a feeling that when the time comes I will have to tell her. But not know because then I will be dealing with problems with her, and those I don't need those right now.          

She still looks puzzled and then I say "just give me the keys," "ok" she nods and throws them over, I catch it.

I turn and go to the garage; I try to touch the doorknob. Something weird happened I felt something go through my body, like electricity was running through my veins. It was still cruising through my hand even when I lifted my hands off the doorknob.

The only thought that was running through my mind, cool! 

The End

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