This cold night, I feel nothing more than sadness I continue to ask myself question. Why? Why did she die? But I know better than to stand here it's not safe. I am standing next to her cold body but I just can't leave her here.

I look around and I see a small patch of flowers, on this cold winter night. They were rare enough, but in this weather. I thought they didn't exist anymore, after that day. But then I knew what to do for her last farewell from this earth.

 This place, which we used to call home.

 I carried my sister right next to the flowers she would have liked that. I picked one flower from the patch the prettiest, I felt bad but I felt like it was the only thing I could do for Kathy. 

She is my beloved green eyed, brown haired older sister. I don't know how to deal with this tragedy, which has descended upon me. It felt like it was yesterday the day we were all sentenced to die. The grass was green, the sun shined in our faces. The biggest thing we worried about was whether or not to be involved with drama.

I gave her my blessing, I turned around "Farewell Kathy," and I didn't turn back.

Before everything happened that sunny, July morning our family was preparing a barbecue. Our family and friends were all invited, everyone was outside when every happened except Kathy and me. We were supposed to grab coal from the basement; it was heavy so they asked Kathy to help me with it. She complained but she still helped, while we were in the basement something happened. I don't know what, the sun was dark like a lunar eclipse but there we no bodies on the ground only ashes. I had no idea what was happening, my sister grabbed me and said "Come on we have to leave we can't stay here it is not safe, anymore." 

This is our home we were supposed to be safe.

 What does she mean? "Kathy what's going on? Where's everyone?" I looked in her eyes searching for something, anything.

I found nothing but the fear in her eyes.

Fearless Kathy, always brave I don't understand anything "Kathy, what's wrong?" I say trying to sound strong but it left my voice like a scared whisper. I continued to ask her questions but she was pulling me inside the house. "What was happening? What was going on?" I asked for answers but she wasn't giving me any. Find anything that will be useful,” she said in her strong voice, but her body was trembling.

I just stood there not knowing what to do for the first time in my life I felt useless.

The End

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