What happens when you lose everything that you thought was true, taken in a moment you don't even imagine. I lost everything now, and I am losing myself too. I don't know what to do with my life, or myself. I am lost, in this horrible nightmare where I can't get out of. Later I realized that by losing her it helped me, by facing my fears, worries, and I finding out how to survive on my own.
It made me stronger than I ever thought I could be.

She lies on the cold pavement this winter night, January 4th 2041. I touch her face it feels cold and lifeless, I desperately try to feel her pulse I check her wrist and I feel nothing. The thought of her dying is simply unbearable. I begin to shake her trying to get a reaction out of her, I begin screaming her name "Kathy, don't die don't leave me here." No, no this can't be happening "Kathy, please answer me. Don't leave me all alone like our parents did."

I lift Kathy's face I move her lovely brown hair from her face, her lovely green eyes are open. When I reach to touch her face it's cold, ice cold, and in her eyes there is no light. In her beautiful green eyes, that everyone complimented her on how beautiful they were. Why did it have to be her, why is the world so unfair by leaving me all alone to deal with this.

Seeing her like this it tore my heart from by body, I felt like I couldn’t breathe anymore.

It is like I was in a dream no wait, a nightmare the worst nightmare I have ever had because I couldn't face this reality this terrible reality. Tears didn’t stop streaming from my face; I look around my surroundings checking if someone saw something. Then I remembered that this world isn't the same that it used to be, it feels lonelier than ever. Without Kathy here it feels like my life has ended.

I feel that there isn't anything worth living, anymore.

Why is she here? She was supposed to make a fire in the dinner across the street. Why did she go outside, what made her like this? Was it frostbite that killed her? What makes you leave this horrible place, without me?

You knew you were always stronger than me; you were my strength and now without you I feel like I can’t do anything. Why leave me here all alone in this cold, frightening world all alone you know you were my life line so why. 

I thought we were going to be in this horrible place together, why did you leave me here alone? I want to be with you but I am left without you, and without anyone. Don’t worry because in this hell I won't survive so I will catch up to you soon enough, because I can't survive without you.  Then I will be able to see you again together forever right, sis. Like we always promised, see you soon Kathy.

The End

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