The Party

It was about half past 7 and my freshly soaked hair hung on my shoulders. I looked at the reflection in the mirror. Fear was rising from my finger tips, I wasn't going to be ready on time! My hands started to shake, 'No I can't,' I thought, 'It's breaking rule number one! No magic out of class except in an emergency,' I shrugged 'Maybe.. Just maybe.. If i was careful enough.. This could work,' I closed my eyes concentrated and felt a shock wizz through my body. When I opened my eyes, the last whisps of magic vanished and I was left with my reflection. It showed a short jet black dress hanging over my body. The bodice gripped me tightly as a strap wound around my neck and joined to it. The skirt dropped and fell just before my knees. My hair was up, wrapped round in a tight bun with a few curls here and there, with my purple frindge layed across my right eye. Tucked underneath the invisible hairband was a pure white flower. I watched it glisten in the moonlight from the window. 'Not too bad,' I smiled 'Now, only not to get caught.. Stupid teachers,' I cussed as I ran into my room. I grabbed the snow coloured scarf and wrapped it around my shoulders. It hung loosely as it twirled around my arms. I stepped towards the wardrobe as my mirrored self appeared before me.
I tampered with my make-up and checked the flower in my hair. Just as I put on my shoes, the doorbell streamed through the house. I froze at the sound of the door opening.
"Chrissy, it's for you!" Called my mother up the stairs. I checked myself one last time before my feet took me calmly out of the room and down the stairs. James was in the doorway. He looked up at me as I took each step slowly and carfully, knowing how accident-prone I was.
I took my eyes away from my feet to take a closer look at James. His blue hair hung over his golden eyes that were full of lust. A navy blue shirt hung over his body covering his belt and part of his black trousers. My mum stood beside him, watching me with glee flowing through her and leaking out of the hudgest smile I had ever seen. However, looking that way.. Was a big mistake. My foot landed akwardly on the last step and I lost my balence. I fell, for what seemed like decades towards the floor. Although, the floor never came. I opened my tightly squeezed eyes to see a pair of glowing saffron eyes beaming into mine, still full of lust, perhaps more than before. James had his arms around me, holding me tightly, close.
"Thanks," my voice became a whisper.
"Your welcome," he smiled. "You look amazing," he breathed, milimeters from my ear.
"Hurry up, or you'll be late!" My mother screached, another witness to my accident. James pulled me up to full height and then dragged me out of the door.

My heels screached through the silent street of the dark night as I walked quietly next to James. His eyes were on me, burning into me like the flames he held inside. I want to look up, to meet those soft eyes that only held love for me. I wouldn't dare, no, I couldn't mess this up!
"Whats up CC?" The cozy voice remarked, snapping me out of my daydream. I looked up at him and only met what I had expected.
"Huh? Oh, nothing, nothing," I smiled at him, as fake as plastic. I looked back down at the floor, the smile vanishing from my face. James stopped dead in his tracks, as if I had slapped him. I was a few steps head of him when I realised. He only glared at me when I looked up at him, turning my body to face him.
"What? Whats the matter James?" I shreiked at him, terror running through my vains. He caught up with me and placed a hand on my cheek.
"Don't you think I've known you long enough to tell when your lieing?" He smiled and my feeble attempt. Just as I opened my mouth to speak he door opened and a voice called through it,
"James, you idiot are you comming in or not!?" I Sighed, glad that we were interrupted. A look of frustration flashed across James's face and he removed his hand from my cheek,
"Yeah, yeah, we're comming," he screamed back sliding his hand into mine smiling.
"Time for the fun to start." The unknown person dissapeared at the sound of the door shutting and James began leading me towards the house. 'Time for my funeral,' I thought, rolling my eyes. The door slammed behind me as I stood in the doorway. The door slammed behind me as I stood in the doorway. I scanned the room as James stole my scarf and hung it on the hooks beside him. Thank god no-one was in jeans and a t-shirt.
"Would you like a drink?" He smiled. I nodded, it was to unbareable to talk. He nodded back and dissapeared into the kitchen. I decided it was stupid staying in the doorway, so I gravitated more towards the center of the room. However, it wasn't long before I was approached. A shadow hung over mine as I turned round to see a tall pale skinned man watching me. His eyes, digging into mine.
"So, your the one Jam was with?" He smiled at me. I nodded in agreement. 'This must be the guy that was at the door,' I thought, eyeing him. His black unruly hair hung low over his turqoise eyes. They held mystery, what was he? His pale skin glowed in the dim light.
"Don't you ever talk?" He joked, laughing slightly. My head hung as I blushed crimson.
"Obviously not," he agreed with himself. My blush brightened when I whispered,
"The names Chrissy." He stared at me with mock shock.
"Well then, nice to meet you silent Chrissy," I looked up at him and smiled, he smiled back. My eyes waverd over his face and then dropped to see what he was wearing. A black shirt led across his muscular chest. It had short sleeves showing off his arms that were tucked into his jeans. 'So I was wrong about the no jeans thing... Now I feel really over dressed,' worry ran through my mind. I shrugssed, 'Nothing I can do about it now is there?' A hand waved infront of my face...
"Silent Chrissy? You in there?" Was the voice that brought me back to reality. I looked up at him, a bit dazed.
"Yeah," I muttered "Sorry..." I trailed off, remembering there had been no proper introduction.
"Nick," he finished. A little laugh escaped my lips, but the newly named 'Nick' didn't seem to mind. I could see him smiling out of the corner of my eye. Silence ovewhelemed the situation. I couldn't help but feel awkward. The stillness was upset as I felt a hand on my back.
"JESUS JAMES! You almost gave me a heart attack!" I span round and glared at him. He only shrugged.
"Your drink?" He smiled innocently.
"Oh, right, thanks," I smiled nervously back. There wasa peculiar sound from behind me and I turned to see Nick standing there pissing himself chuckleing at me. I blushed a blood red although, this did the trick as he calmed down, comming to his senses.
"Not so silent now are we Chrissy?" He said, striaght faced, but there was still some essence of laughter in his soothing voice.
"So you two have met? Great!" James screamed with glee.
"Yeah, I was just about to tell her how beautiful she was," and the blush returned. James's expression changed. It was all of a sudden sinister.
"James ar yo-," I began,
"Nicholas, can I see you for a minute," James nodded towards a space on the other side of the room. My eyes widened. 'What the hell...?'

They were only gone for a few minutes, but those seconds ticked by like years. James weaved thoughout the people on the floor, a smile returned to his face. Nick followed, more distant from James. As my eyes rolled over him, he seemed more blue, his eyes; more faint. The mystery; gone. His head sank and looked at the floor. A worried look struck across my face. James had seen it.
"Don't worry CC, it was only a manly chat," he smirked at me. James nudged Nick and he looked up smiling at me a fake smile. I sighed and looked at my cup, watching it as if it was magically going to get rid of this akwardness. Nick seemed as glum as I did, thoughts of fear were running though my mind. 'What did James say to him?'

The night dragged on and James had pulled me up to dance a few times, much to my disgust. However, when we finished the first time, Nick was nowhere to be seen. I was curious as to where he had gone... 'Probably the toilet,' I shrugged, from then on, I thought nothing about it. Another late guest arriving gave me the oppertunity to escape outside for a cool breeze of fresh air. As I sat on the side of James's patio steps, the wind rushed through the dangling bits of hair that layed on my face, making me shiver. I didn't care, atleast not as much as I had earlier.
"Stupid girl, I should of brought my scarf out," I muttered to myself, cursing under my breath. My shoulders felt heavy, making me arch my back, I looked to the side to see a black leather jacked wound around my shoulders. I felt the warmpth instantly as I looked up to the figure stood above me. Its eyes glowed and amathyst met turquise.

My eyes widened and I stared at him in shock. He smiled at me,
"Goldfish girl are we?" He chuckled. 'Great, I looked like a fish... Again!' A cherry blush swam across my cheeks.
"Sorry," I muttered, "I just thought that you had left, or perhaps that you had dissapeared within all the people," a small movement and Nick was sat beside me staring up at the sky.
"Why would I leave?" He spoke, his words echoing through the night sky, which his eyes never left. I followed his gaze and looked up at the tiny lights in the sky, burning through the midnight darkness. As if they were fire.
"Something James might have said," I shrugged. My eyes never left the darkness as I ran my hand across the jacket that felt so smooth. However, I could feel Nick's eyes on me, digging into my skin. The silence surrounded us as I waited impatiently for an answer.
"Don't worry. As James said, It was nothing." However, that was not what I had expected, but I gave up on even arguing. 'I'll beat it out of James tomorrow, if he hasn't got to much of a hangover.' My face fell, looking at the ground. I ignored the feeling of Nick's piercing glare and let my face show a dismal expression.
"Although, what I would really like to know..." He had cought my attention and -still with my head hanging low- turned my head to look at him.
"Is what a beautiful like woman, such as yourself, is looking so annoyed about?" He questioned, his eyes digging deeper. I could almost feel the blood spewing down the side of my face. Still, my head returned to staring at the ground as I smiled.
"I'm not a party person,"
"And why's that?" He grinned, a cheeky one.
However his question caught me off guard and I was forved to say the first thing that appeared in my mind.
"All the people I guess," I pondered.
"Whats wrong with them?" He asked, questioningly.
"Theres just to many," I looked back at him smiling.
"So if I asked you to dance, you would hate dancing in there?" He raised an eyebrow. The blush grew deeper,
"Well for one," I replied "I really can't dance," Nick tried to hide it, but I knew he was snickering at me.
"Awww, I'm sure your not that bad," he said, looking amused. I rolled my eyes, figuring out what to say. Faint sounds of a slow song were streaming into my ears, filling the awkward silence. However, before I knew it I was up on my feet. Two hands had slid onto either side of my hip, rubbing against the smooth fabric of the dress. Magicly my hands landed on his shoulders and I was left gazing into the sea he held within his eyes.
"HEY! Whats going on?" My face screamed a look of horror. Nick smiled.
"Dancing," my eyes widened.
"But I told you I can't dance!" I whined,
"So your telling me..." He joked "You can't even sway side to side?"
"Thats exactly what I'm telling you," I nearly screamed at him. His smile continued, and it seemed as if it got brighter. I searched every inch of it to find an ounce of pain. Although, to my dismay, I didn't find any. Nick started to waver from side to side and I found myself automatically following. We were gliding around James's backgarden along the sodden grass. My impulse was burning as my arms wound around his neck pulling me that little bit closer.

The stars shone down on us. Nick rolled me out and I span comming back in, a little to hard against him.
"If I stand on your foot, it's only because I told you so," I spoke barely above a whisper. I looked up at him while we were dancing. His face radiated so much happiness. Although we were getting slower and slower until we finally stood still, his hand on my waist and my hands around his neck. His eyes were glowing, just as they were when we met. The clouds in the sky vanished and the full moon beamed down on us. I could see the reflection within the eyes of the person I was inching closer to. The shadows led before us. The two hands slid onto my back pulling me towards the person who I could tell wanted this so much. So many thoughts were running through my mind, 'Why do I want this? Why did he want this? Where is this going to go? What will James think!?' My heartbeat gor faster and faster, each one screaming 'Do it, Do it, DO IT' in my mind. I could feel it in my throat, but my thoughts were cut short with a pair of soft, lucious lips touching mine.

The End

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