A Date?

My ceiling appeared before me as I opened my eyes. I streched and sat up slowly. I looked around at my room as the stream of sunlight lit it up. My eyes adjusted the the new light and looked at the clock.It said 12:07. I sighed and led back down. 'Thank god it's a saturday,' I thought, 'Or my mum would be killing me right this moment.' I giggled at the thought and put my hands behind my head. I stared at the shady wall above me as pictures streamed through my mind. Duggie and James growling an hissing. If it came down to a fight, who would win?I closed my eyes tightly wincing at the thought of one of them laying there, in pain. A pain shot through my heart. I sat up forcing myself not think about it. Before I knew it I was dressed and downstairs at the breakfast table nibbleing on some toast. I lent back in my chair watching the window, wondering what I was going to do today. A shadow moved past it. I shrugged, 'Probably a bird,' I thought then suddenly a hudge bang sounded from the door. It rang through the house and I was snapped out of my trance, scaring me half to death. I sighed and walked over to the door. Behind the white frame stood a boy that I was just thinking about. His eyes watched me and mine watched him back and then the silence was broken. "I didn't think you would be up this early little miss CC," he smiled, I smiled back, "Hey, I'm not that lazy Mr!" We both burst out laughing. "What can I do for you then?" I asked curiously. "Well, I figured you would be bored to day," "Yeah, cause I'm not able to think of anything to do!" I cynically as he shook his head smiling. "So you found somthing to do then?" "Well, not exactly.." I said looking down, "Exactly what I thought," he chuckled.I stuck my tongue out at him. "Fancy a trip out then?" he inquired. I looked up at him curiously, "What did you have in mind?" "Fancy a trip to the cinema?" He smiled, cautiously. "Aslong as it's not 'Stop! Or my mum will shoot!' AGAIN!" I whined, grabbing my coat and bag before shutting the door behind me. "What? it's a GOOD movie!" He screamed as we started walking down the street. I rolled my eyes, "James it's one of the WORST films EVER!" I moaned at him, sliding on my coat "Fine, fine, but no mushy stuff! Bleeh, makes me throw up," he showed me a gagging gesture and I couldn't help but laugh at him. "Nudity's okay though, I dom't mind that," he joked and I widened my eyes and puched him softly on the arm. "HEY I was kidding!" He laughed, "Jerk," I mutterd and stormed on faster, smiling to myself. James stopped in the middle of the pathway, "Awww, Chrissy, don't get mad," he begged. I turned round and poked my tongue out at him. He just snickered at me and new that I was just joking around. He ran to catch up with me and we continued our convorsation. We wondered around the busy city talking madly about the most random of things, I think at one point we were talking about platypus', if people had herd our convorsation, the would of definately thought we were barking mad. However, it wasn't long before our convorsation ended and we reached the cinema. "No mushy stuff," he repeated, "No nudity," I copied him, "What abou-," I cut him off, "I told you already, we are not seeing that film again "Spoil sport," he muttered. "How abo-," he cut me off this time, "Too much drama," he whined, I sighed. "Then wha-," I cut him off again. "You have a bad taste in films," "I could say that same for you," I looked up at him, he looked back down at me. His amber eyes glowed. "How about we give up on the movies?" He questioned, "I think thats a good idea, or we'll be stuck here forever trying to decide," I smiled "Where do you want to go then, Mr Jam?" "Well Miss CC, how about the park?" He wondered lookin up at the sky, eyeing it carefully. I followed his gaze and stared at the pure puffy white clouds hiding the sky. "The weather should be okay," I agreed as I pulled my head to it's normal position and began the walk to the park. James followed me walking closer to me than before. The park drew closer with every step I took as I trotted along the pavement, James beside me. We soon reached the gates and beyond them was hudge green field. It had tall green tree's all around the edge and some dotted around randomly within that circle. There were many different types, like oak and acorn and many that I didn't reconise. Not that I actually wanted to reconise them... Anyway, The path we were walking along went through the park dotting around in different directions. Along the path were a few benches and bins, though some litter still lay scattered across the grass. There wern't many people here, but mabe that was just the weather having an effect on their decision. Not ours though. "You want to walk around, or sit down?" Sounded a voice to my left. I looked up at him with a thoughtful face. "My legs ache," I groaned, "Mine too," he moaned, "I guess it's sitting then," he smiled at me, taking my hand and pulling me over to the nearest bench, which just happened to be empty. I sat down on the ice cold wood and imediately sat back up again. James stared at me curiously. "Whats the matter?" He asked worryingly. "It's cold..." I spoke quietly in a baby-ish voice. James only smiled at me, probably experienceing this moment for the 100th time. "Fine little miss whiner, sit on my lap," "Blah, I'm to heavy," "Oh don't be rediculous," He rolled his eyes, pulling me on his lap. I landed softly, my coat against his jeans and my back against his chest. His arms snaked around my stomach holding me against him. The smell crept up my nose again and I rested my hands against his. His skin felt smooth underneath my fingertips. Just as soft as silk. Anyone who walked past would of mistaken us for a couple. I turned round to face him. Amethists smashed against amber. I took in every detail of his face, his vibrant pale skin that looked colder than ice, his soft, rosy chubby cheeks higher with is adorable smile. My eyes came across his lips and they were a lustful red, drawing me towards him. Inching closer and closer towards him, wantinf him. He didn't refuse, I guess he wanted it too. Wait, what about our friendship? Would it ruin it? I pulled away and got off of his lap. I couldn't bare to look at him, Had I ruined it already? "Chrissy?" A shaking voice behind me called. I turned round just as a hand touched my arm, softly. It was the skin that I had been so close to, just moments before, seconds before... "I'm fine, I'm fine," I pulled a fake smile. "Just to cold to sit down," I lied. He smiled back, I guess it looked normal, but it had no life, it must of been a fake too. "Don't worry me like that," he laughed slightly. His hand slid down my arm and clasped mine as he stood up and started to walk. "W-what? Where are we going?" I followed uncontrolably, "Well, if sitting is too cold, we'll walk," he smiled at me, this time it was definately real. I couln't help but let my real smile shine through as we walked on. Chatting and laughing. The time flew as we wondered around the park in circles absent-mindedly. It had slowly gotten darker, so I was naturaly curious what the time was. When I checked my watch, panic sturck through me. "Shoot, I gotta get home," I looked up at James who was pulling a frown. He tightened his grip around my hand. "It's okay, I'll feed you." He nodded, "Stay, please?" I giggled as he pulled his usual puppy dog begging eyes at me. "I really have to go, my parents will be wondering where I am," I pulled a sad face at him. "Fine, but I'm only letting go if you come to my party," he said, proudly looking at our hands. "A party? Oh.. You know i'm not really a party sort of girl..." I shrugged, anxiously. "I'll pick you up at 8 then," he smiled walking off waving. I rolled my eyes. "Great, and I was hoping to stay in tonight," I sighed and started my journey home. "Damn you James."

The End

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