The dog arives

A few days had passed since Alex and I had last met and it was now the start of the new school term. The morning was bright as I awoke with my mother screaming in my ear and shaking me,
"Christine! You're going to be late! AGAIN!" I opened my eyes and stared at the person leaning over me. It took a while for my half asleep brain to catch up with the sight I saw. 'Shoot' I thought, 'School'. I jumped out of bed almost smacking my mum in the face and rushed into the bathroom. As I stood over the bathroom sink, staring into the mirror I saw my usual messed up birds nest that I had for hair and deep dark strips of flesh under my eyes. 'An angel?' I thought 'I look more like a devil thismorning!' I whined and pulled a face in the mirror.

It wasn't long before I sprang out of the bathroom, dressed, makeup on and back to my usual self. I rushed down the stairs, grabbing a piece of toast from the table and taking my coat and bag as I sped out the door. I looked at my watched as I stormed out the house and decided I was too late to walk, I took to the sky for the first time in ages 'I should do this more often' I pondered to my self as I flew high above the busy city. I reached the school sooner than I thought and whent into land. My daydreaming caught hold of me, Alex appearing in my mind. My concentration was broken and suddenly a wall appeared infront of me. I crashed into it. My feathery wings and soft bottom cusioning my fall. 'Thats why I don't do it more often' I Sighed and led back on the floor closing me eyes. I tried to control my emotions, afraid that I would lash out at the closest person I could.

Surprisingly, I herd my books shuffleing across the ground, 'Thats funny,' I thought, 'I haven't even thought of a spell yet,' I opened my eyes to see a tall boy looming over me.
"Are you okay?" he smiled. I nodded, a look of confusion spreading across my face. He saw that and gave a slight chuckle.
"The names Duggie," he said offering me a hand. I took it and he tugged me up sharp but, smooth. I ended up about an inch from his face. What I could see, made my heart spin. His long black frindge hung lazilY over his right eye. It looked so soft, and smooth, and shiney. I needed to touch it, I needed to make sure it was exactly how it looked. However, I with held the temptation. He threw it out the way. It gleamed as it swung across his tanned skin. My heart stopped spinning, and sank to the the tip of my toes as I stared into his glowing coal eyes. I could see mine, reflected in his, I could see what he saw, the lust, camouflaged within my amethyst windows.I opend my mouth to say thank you but words failed me and I ended up looking like a goldfish. Blushing slightly he chuckled again and handed me my books.
"Perhaps I aught to take you to class, just incase you would like to walk into any more walls,' I noded slowly not even attempting words for fear of looking like a fish again. He smiled and took my hand in his. My heart began thumping, still in the tip of my toes. We started to walk towards my calssroom.
"So, fly into walls often?" He started the conversation. Although, the classroom door came into view sooner than I hoped. I couldn't leave him, he might never come back! However, he pushed me in and nothing more was said but a quick 'goodbye' screamed down the corridor.

I sat in class, all in a world of my own, day dreaming as always. This time, it was different. I couldn't help but think of Alex and this new boy Duggie. Much to my dismay I found my self comparing them! What had come over me? I thought about the way they talked, the way they walked, their voices! Most of all... Those sparkling jewels for eyes, fixed amongst their pure faces. My trail of thought was broken by the bell chiming in my ears. The end of class. I packed my books, curious as to what Alex and Duggie were doing. I was last out of class, due to the fact I liked day dreaming. I screamed across the buldging crowd trying to push my way through. I looked at my watch and widened my eyes. 'Great' I thought, 'Late again.' I started to rush, knowing that something was bound to go terribly wrong. Then, It did. I was in such a rush I wasn't looking where I was going and ended up running straight in to the back of someone. As my head met their soft clothes my bag dropped past their wagging tail and fell to the floor, displaying my books for the whole corridor.
"Damn it!" I complained a little louder than needed. I bent down to pick it up and a hand met mine. I looked up in shock to see the coal like eyes from this morning staring back at me.
"Duggie" I Whispered. He just chuckled at me, the same way as he did thismorning. A rosey red colour fled across my cheeks. He stole the bag out of my hands and smiled at me.
"Do you like dropping your bag then?" I couldn't help but giggle.
"Well, I wouldn't meet you any other way would I?" I spoke, quieter than usual.
Thoughts were running round inside my mind. 'What had I just said? Does he think I'm a Cluts now?' I Sighed and Looked up at him, slowly being pushed in the opposite direction that I needed to go. Duggie's hand slid into mine and pulled me a bit quicker in the wrong direction. As I looked to the back of us I began to protest,
"Hey! My class is that way," I said pointing behind.
"I know," he smiles "But I'm your class today."
I looked at him puzzled but found myself cought up in the excitment and letting him lead me further and further away.
Sooner or later we came across the school field. The sun was shining and most of the snow had gone. I shiverd, so I pulled my coat out of my bag and tugged it on. I didn't realise it, but Duggie had dissapeared from my side. I looked around. He wasn't in sight, suddenly I felt a huge lump of ice thrown at my back, right inbetween my wings. I screamed and span around. I herd giggleing from behind a tree and my eyes norrowed. I could see a fluffy jet black tail stuck out from behind it and I put on an evil smirk and bent down. I scooped up the melting substance and formed it into a ball. Makeing sure I was quiet I crept over to the tree. I could still see the wagging tail and was careful not to disturb it. I came to the broken bark of the tree and jumped out smushing the ball of ice into the face of my unsuspecting victim. He fell back into the snow and I couldn't help bursting into laughter.
"Oh ha, ha, very funny," he looked at me smiling. Still laughing I sat under the tree watching him. That was a BIG mistake, I got sucked into his coal eyes and lost my trail of thought. My eyes followed him as he moved and sat next to me.
"Whats my lesson then? Mr Duggie," I giggled
"Well Miss..?" He started to reply, but then I remembered I had never introduced myself.
"Chrissy," I smiled, blushing at my forgetfulness.
"Miss Chrissy," his voice sounded, prefect, like all the times before. "I thought you could do with some flight lessons," he winked at me, "But, I've changed my mind," he said leaning back against the tree, "I want to know more about you," Duggie laughed and looked right at me. I blushed, trying to conceal it but, I failed miserably.
"Well, I'll tell you, only if you tell me back." I spoke, the blush burning my cheeks. He raised an eyebrow at me and smiled.
"Sneaky arn't we,"
"Not all angels are Innocent," I spoke, half giggleing.
"So you are an angel?" He smiled, curiously.
"Did the wings give it away?" I spoke sarcasticly, rolling my eyes.
"You could of been an over-grown fairy?" He shrugged at me.
"And your an over-grown mut," I snapped back, a little more sour than intended.
"Hey, hey, no need to get nasty now," he joked. I couldn't help but giggle. I felt his eyes on me. My laugh died and I couldn't help but stare back at him. I felt like leaning in closer, he seemed to be thinking the same thing, as he begin to lean in close . I followed his lead. Suddenly a firey blaze appeared infront of me and I couldn't help but stare at it's beauty. It burned away to reveal a person. His back was to me, but I imediately knew who it was. The long denim jacket and pale white shirt hanging out from underneath it made him look slim, yet muscular. His bottom half was coverd in black trousers and a pair of trainers.
"JAMES!" I screamed, not realising what he was doing. I widened my eyes and focused on him. He seemed to be advanceing towards Duggie. Duggie was growling and a low hiss was pushed out of James's lips. I tryed to push my self around James to see Duggie,
"C'mon James! Stop messing about," I shouted. He turned to face me, his amber eyes glaring into my amethyst ones. I new what was happening.

James started approaching Duggie. Duggie didn't back down, but rose up and stood his ground. The hissing and growling continued. I had had enough and sprang up and inbetween them. I looked up into those deep amber eyes. Fear swam through me. 'What is he doing here? Did he see us? Why would he act this way?' I thought, 'Some Demon!'. Suddenly his expression changed and a look of surprise was written across it. He stopped hissing and Duggie stopped growling.
"I think it's best if I left for now," Said Duggie. I looked at him with pleeding eyes.
"Untill next time Chrissy," he smiled.
I mouthed a 'sorry' to him as he turned and fled in the direction of the school. I turn to look and James and let all hell brake lose,
"Hey, CC! I'm sorry!" He shrank back,
"Don't use that name on me!" I said, slightly quieter, still with a sharp tongue.
"Just proved you are, Crazy Crissy," he laughed, with that laugh I had grown to love over the years. I couldn't keep a straight face and chuckled along with him.
"This isn't over Mr!" I smiled at him and he brought me into a tight hug. As I hugged him tightly, the aroma of his jacket creeped up my nose, and felt like I never wanted to leave his arms. I could feel his hand gently rubbing my back in a loving and apolagetic way. I smiled into his shirt and he pulled away smiling. His amber eyes stared down, watching me, I stared back watching every line of the soft skin of his face.
"Lets go back to school," He whispered. I nodded. "Skiver," He laughed. I hit him playfully.
"HEY!" He laughed at me and I ran off challenging him to a race, he accepted and ran off after me.

The End

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