True Loves Dieing Wish

A young Angel finds her self falling for boys left right and center. But when her true love gets murder what will she do?? Who will be her true love? the demon? the vampire? the wear wolf? Or maybe the mysterious guy in the ruins.

The dagger was driven through the heart.There was nothing I could do... The killer ran as I slumped beside the body, reminiscing everything that had happend since I met him. The day was cold. The wind whipped through my hair and I shivered as the chill swam down my neck. I walked into the ruins. This, is where it starts.

"Stupid parents," I muttered moving over to perch on the side of a wall.'Finally' I sighed "Peace." The world around me swirled, the sounds and voices fading from my ears as I felt myself fall into a dream less sleep. I fell, slowly sliding my back down the wall landing on the lucious green grass.

"Uh..excues me?" A voice spoke. Turning over I waved the idiot desturbing my sleep away,
"Five more minuets mum," I spoke softly. The mysterious person began to shake me softly. I ignored him, faking more sleep. He looked at me in a curious way. His head appeared next to mine and whisperd;
"I really think you should wake up," I opened my eyes slowly to find a pair of perfect green eyes melting into mine.
I jumped to my feet startled and looked at the boy who stood before me. My heart skipped a beat as I took in his features.
He had mid-length deep red hair, with a pure white headband underneath his fringe. Those eyes, it felt asthough you could dive and a pure emerald hiding behind them. He wore a long pale brown coat with a black shirt underneath, finished off with; a cream scarf, black trousers and black trainers.
He smiled. He smiled at me a smile so sweet. He then said softly;
"Good morning sleepy head," I Blush a thousand of shades of red as I rember calling him mum. 'Wow,' I thought almost melting at the sight.
"You must be freezing, here," he took off his coat and gave it to me wrapping it around my cold shivering body.
"No no, I'm fine," I whined, but as soon as the smell of the coat reached my nose, I knew I couldn't resist him much longer. Gladly he ignored my refusal and tied the coat around me. I smiled back meekly and in barely a whisper spoke a small;
"Thankyou." He nodded and smiled again. Then I realised something, he hadn't even told me his NAME!
"I guess i should introduce myself," I began. "My names Christine, but Chris or Chrissy for short." The mysterious man was watching me with curious eyes and snapped out of his trance as soon as I said Christine.
"What a beautiful name Christine, I'm Alex." I could feel another Blush spread across my cheeks as he took my hand and lifted it against his smooth, soft, juicy red lips.
"So, young miss, I think I should perhaps take you home, it's beginning to snow," I watched closely as pure white flakes fell slowly from the sky. They glinted in the twilight sunset and it was obvious mum would be worrying about me. I looked at him and protested;
"No, no it's okay I can go alone," I started to slide his coat off but he stopped me and whispered in his soft Voice,
"I assure you it's no problem at all," he slides his coat back around me and locked my hand in his, I blushed again and looked down.

We were about halfway home and I was absent-mindedly watching the falling snowflakes when I realised him looking and watching as I was walking.
"You know," he started "I've been wondering about why you were asleep in such a peculiar place?" I widened my eyes, he noticed.
"Its my thinking spot," I blushed "I guess I was so tierd, I fell asleep." Unlocking his hand from mine only to be replaced by a strip of card.
"My number," he said with a smile. "In case you need me," I looked at the card and smiled,
"Wait! Alex, You..." My voice drifted into the sound of the street as I looked back up to find he was already gone. I took in the scent of the forgotten coat as I turned around and marched inside.
I woke up the next morning feeling like yesterday was all just a dream. So I flashed open my eyes and threw myself out of bed, jumping down the stairs, basicly falling down them, to see his coat hanging where mine should be. I leaned against the tall banister breathing heavily on the bottom step and sighed a sigh of relief. I walked over to it and ran my hand across the soft fabric.
"Chrissy!" My attention was torn from me as I was summoned into the kitchen. "What was that aweful banging?" Mum asked me as I took a seat at the table.
"Oh, I fell down the stairs..." I couldn't help giggling.
"You daft girl, you okay?" Mum said racing over to check me.
"I'm fine, I'm fine!"
"You Sure darling?"
"Stop fussing," I whined. "Get on with breakfast," She shook her head chuckling at me. I rolled my eyes, grabbed a piece of toast and went back upstairs. I sat by the cold window sill munching my newly attained piece of toast. The cold glass was ice against the soft skin of my cheek. I waved it away only to notice the clocks reflection in the window. It was getting into late morning, I thought it would probably be best if I got dressed. Still looking out the window I thought about the weather, and based what I was going to wear on that. It was a bright morning, warm but a pure white blanket still lay on the ground from the night before. Suddendly, flashes of the mysterious man bounced around inside my head as I was beginning to get dressed. I slid open my wardrobe door and pulled out a baby blue strabless dress with purple lining. Around the hanger hung white gloves, almost as white as the snow lying on my front lawn. They also had purple trimming. I pulled them both on and sat at my vanity table, beside the window. Brushing my long violet hair, I watched myself in the mirror. I got up and stood infront of my long mirror that hung on the door of my wardrobe. Just to check. My reflection stared back at me, watching me, copying every movement. It showed my long thin legs underneath the knee-length dress, it showed my narrow hips and my thin stomach, perhaps to thin, hidden under the soft cotton of the dress. Next was my shoulders just out of line with my hips, being narrower. My long purple hair draped over my shoulders and my glowing white wings with the white hairband in it. My amathyst eyes glowed against the soft skin of my face. Taking one last look in the mirror I grabbed the strip of card and ran downstairs.
"Mum, I'm going out! I'll see you later!" I screamed through the house before grabbing my coat and Alex's. I was ready.
I followed the trail that Alex and I had freshly made last night and ended back at the ruins. I paced around the inside,
"How am I going to give him his coat back?" I mutterd stopping and flipping the piece of card over in my hands. I stared at the black writing on it. It said 'Call me: 07919823780 A x'. The thought waved through my mind when suddenly a man appeared infront of me.
"I believe thats mine," a velvet voice spoke and so many thoughts ran through my mind, my heart beating at 100mph against my ribcage. If it kept up, it was going to break. I looked up and my eyes met his. He smiled. 'Yeah, my ribcage has broken,' I thought. Suddenly, what he said hit me.
"Ohh, yeah!" I said handing him the soft brown coat. I felt like I didn't want to give it back, because if I gave it back, then there was the slightest chance that I couldn't see him again. Alex took the coat out of my hands, accidentally touching them with his and I felt a dark blush spread across my cheeks. However, he didn't remove them, he squeezed them tighter. He smiled at me, and I couldn't help but smile back.
"Thank you for returning it," He said in his velvet voice "I hope it was no toruble looking after it for one night?" He added. I looked in his eyes, barely able to string two words together. Slowly, he pulled his hands away, along with the coat. I watched Alex sling it over his shoulders. He lent in, and kissed me on the cheek, his truely soft lips against my skin. I glowed inside, I just wanted to pull his lips against mine.
"I have to be going now," he whispered in my ear. "Goodbye my love." Then with that, he turned on his heels and started walking away. I stood and watched, his long lost coat returned to him flowing behind him in the cold wind. With my hand on my cheek blushing, I wished silently for him to turn round just one last time.

The End

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