True Love, Or Not?

So I started writing this a while ago. And now I'm writing it on Protagonize.Hope ya like it!

Marie is an albino penguin. Her best friend Jingle is a primrose pink cow. They're like family to each other. They both have pet Vancouver Island Marmots. Marie's is named Mary Rose. While Jingle's is named Murray. They all have favourite things to eat. Marie's favourite food is popcorn while Jingle loves eating grass and apples. Mary Rose and Murray both love eating smooth peanut butter. Marie as going for a walk with Mary Rose when Jingle and Murray came over to go on a walk with them. Murray falls instep with Mary Rose and they start up a conversation. "Hi, Mary Rose." Murray starts. "How are you?" "Hey Murray, I'm fine thanks for asking. How are you?"Mary Rose answers. "I'm so glad we're friends Murray." So am I Mary Rose, I'm doing great."

The End

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