Chapter ThreeMature

Kyle held Michael's hand and sat next to the hospital bed while Michael slept. The hospital wanted to keep him over night to check for shock and keep an eye on his mental health. Kyle could still hear Michael's whimpers and cries and pleas when he got him cleaned up in the hospital bathroom; it broke his heart. 

"What did they do to you Michael?" Kyle mumbled and a tear slide down his face. He couldn't even image what hell Michael had gone though in their but he knew Michael wasn't himself. The doctors were suspecting that he might suffer PTSD for awhile, Kyle couldn't even think of the mental suffering Michael was going though right now. 

At least he was safe Kyle thought, they could work though the mental stuff together. Get Michael himself again as long as he was safe. 

"Michael....Michael! Where you little Michael?" a female voice called.

"No, no, no, no stay away, stay away." Michael cried.

"Michael you be a good boy now." the woman said and dragged him by his hair up to her room.

" stay away." Michael cried.

"Stop being such an ungrateful brat! Your scum, filth!" she yelled at him and slapped his face repeatedly.

Kyle saw that Michael started to twitch in his sleep and mumble the words stay away and sensed he must be having a nightmare.

"Michael, Michael, Baby, wake up." Kyle said and gently shook Michael awake. Michael slowly woke up and started to shake and cry. 

"Kyle." Michael cried out.

"Sssssssssh its okay, it was just a bad dream, no one's gonna hurt you." Kyle said and held Michael close to his chest and rubbed circles on his back. Michael clung to Kyle again and continued to cry resting his head in Michael's chest. 

"Its okay, its okay, I'm not leaving you Michael, its okay." Kyle said his heart shattering with every cry coming from Michael's mouth. Michael continued to shake and cry in Kyle's arms until he eventually feel back to sleep. 

"Sssssssssh." Kyle mumbled and gently laid him back down the hospital bed.

The next morning after speaking to tons of psychologists they had diagnosed Michael with suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Kyle had been given medical that Michael needed to take, care instructions on what he should do if Michael suffered a mental break down or flashback, and the time of Michael's first appointment with his psychologist. 

"Are you sure everything will be okay? If you think its too much trouble we can transfer him to a mental institution." Dr. Greene said.

"We'll be fine." Kyle said angry of even the thought of abandoning Michael when he needed him the most. 

"Alright well if you change your mind just call the hospital." Dr. Greene said.

"I won't be changing my mind." Kyle said about to lose his temper. How can Michael's own doctor even possibly think of Michael this way? That he was a problem, a burden? He was still Michael!

"Come on Michael, lets get you home yeah?" Kyle said softly and helped Michael to his feet.   Michael nodded and kept his head bent low, no doubt affected by how Dr. Greene had been speaking about him. Kyle wanted to smash things, he wanted to break things, but he knew that would only make Michael worse. The best he could do for him was help nurse his broken mind. Kyle lead Michael outside and called the number for a taxi. Michael kept his eyes close and head bowed low and clung to Kyle like a small child. Kyle kissed his forehead gently and wrapped his arms around his lover.

"Sssssssssssssh its okay." Kyle mumbled into Michael's ear and held him close. Once the taxi arrived Kyle helped Michael inside and held him close on the ride back home.

"Pull down your trousers." Mr. Clark said standing very close to a fourteen year old Michael. Michael nodded and started to shake and undid his trousers and let them fall to the floor. 

"Take off your shirt." Mr. Clark said and started to masterbate himself though his trousers. Michael felt tears sliding down his face as he did as he was told. He knew it didn't matter anyway, he wasn't a real person. It was just another thing that he was good for to make his burden to the world lighter.

"Come here." Mr. Clark said and sat down on his chair. Michael went up to him when he was forced over Mr. Clark's lap and could feel his boxers sliding down. He understand now. He wasn't for pleasure he was being punished. He remembered his brother liked to beat him bare bottom with a metal pole then make him sit on the bruises. But when could he feel Mr. Clark's erection if he was being punished?

Mr. Clark brought his hand down hard on Michael's bottom, slapping it, making a fist and punching it. He enjoyed listening to Michael's cries of pains and promises to be good. He liked hearing him whimper and the sound his skin made when he smacked it.

The End

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