Chapter TwoMature

Kyle sat half asleep and half starved a bench outside. He listened numbly to the police talking on the radio all packed with their cars and wearing bullet vests. It had been two whole days now, two whole days since Kyle had seen the news and found out Michael was trapped. Held hostage inside that building with at least three armed man. He didn't even know if he was okay or even alive.

He hadn't been home since; he slept on the bench for a few hours waiting for any news. He hadn't even eaten anything unless it was brought to him and even that was just a few bites. He couldn't focus on anything, his whole mind could think of nothing but Michael and if he would ever see him alive again. The police won't tell him anything; they just told him to stay back. 

He was desperate to hold Michael in his arms again; just to feel him in his arms and know he was okay.  

Michael felt sick, he hadn't been given anything to drink or eat. The blood flow in his wrists and legs had stopped from the rope. He was covered in his own wastage and urine from where they won't let him get up for the bathroom. He felt filthy.

A six year old naked Michael was tied up in a small cupboard sitting in his own human wastage and urine. He had been in their for hours and was making soft whimpers and cries. He knew it didn't matter when he cried though; he wasn't really human. 

Then he heard footsteps coming towards the cupboard and shook slightly. Then his mother opened the door.

"You filthy, filthy animal! How can I sacrifice you now; look at you!" she yelled and kicked him hard to the chest. 

"M'sorry, sorry, sorry." Michael cried.

"Filthy animal....filthy filthy animal." Michael unconsciously mumbled.

"Hey Freak, what are you saying?" the second man asked and flicked a lite match at Michael's arm. Michael flinched and whimpered softly. 

"What kind of man are you Faggot?" the second man asked again with disbelief. Michael bit his lip and hoped this man would leave him alone. He didn't know how to answer their questions; he wished they would just put a bullet through his head and end it all. He couldn't cope like this anymore, he just wanted it stop. 

Kyle's heart was going crazy; he couldn't stop it racing. The police had brought a SWAT team in and we're going to break in. He was nervous. What is Michael got hurt in the crossfire? 

"Please please be okay....please." Kyle mumbled to himself keeping a close eye on the door waiting for the police to lead Michael house. Ambulances had arrived moments before reading to rush the injured to the hospital. The thought of Michael hurt made Kyle sick. 

Then he saw him. A shaking scared Michael was being carefully lead outside. His pants were covered in what looked like human wastage; Kyle guessed they were sadistic enough not to let him go to the bathroom.

"Michael!" Kyle yelled and run over to his lover and wrapped his arm around the shaking man not caring about the smell coming off him. Right now he just needed to hold him. 

"Kyle." Michael let out in a sad broken voice and clung to him and started to shake enough more and cry. Michael's knees let out and Kyle supported him against his body. News crews started to crowd around them; Kyle used his body to try and shield Michael saving him some dignity. Kyle kissed the top of Michael's head as he held him.

"Sir, we need to get in him the hospital to make sure he's not hurt." a paramedic said softly.

"No." a distressed Michael said and clung harder.

"Can I ride with him; we're engaged." Kyle said.

"Of course." the paramedic answered.  

"Come on Baby; I won't leave you Michael promise." Kyle said softly and gently lead Michael towards the ambulance.

The End

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