Chapter OneMature

Kyle felt helpless when he saw his partner suffer a mental breakdown after a being held hostage for two days. Everyone excepted Kyle to leave a mentally unstable Michael; especially when Micheal suffers PTSD from childhood and past trauma. But Kyle is determined not to leave the love of his life, no matter what position he is in. Will his love be enough to bring Michael back to normal? In the end is love really the most powerful force?

Michael run this hands though his hair and looked at the clock. In just two hours he could go home; he never felt completely safe unless he was home with Kyle. When he was out he always felt vunarable but he knew he needed to help pay the bills-it was unfair of him not to. Then three muscle man walked in. Michael glanced at them nervously; he didn't know why but they made him feel uneasy.  They were all dressed in black jeans, black jumpers and black leather jackets. Each one wore black hiker boots. Michael bite his lip and debated asking someone to cover for him, but he knew he couldn't. The men said something to each in hush quiet tones before one of them walked up to him.

"Hey can I get some change?" he asked and slide a twenty pound note towards him. Micheal noticed how the two people he was with were scanning the room with their eyes and searching out any security camaras. Micheal nodded and took out his wallet.

"Do many men be secetaries then?" he asked with  smirk. He was used to people not taking him seriously; it didn't matter to Micheal anyway. As long as Kyle took him seriously, thats all that mattered.

"Just me here." Michael said quietly and passed the man four five pound notes hoping they would all leave now. The man leered at Michael and laughed suddenly. Micheal blinked feeling very self concious and intimitated; then the two other men with him took out guns and started to shoot at the camaras and line up all the customers and workers.

"You do as I say or I'll blow out your brains Freak." the man simply said and pulled a pistol out and held it to his head. Tears started to fall down Micheal's face and he nodded. He tried to hold back his trembles but couldn't.

"You, open the safe. Now." said the man holding a gun to his head. Michael nodded and numbly walked towards the large safe. He just wanted to go home, he wanted them to leave, he just wanted Kyle. Michael opened the safe with shaking hands and yet another tear slide down his face.

"Every body get in!" one of the man yelled. The man who held his gun to Michael's head gripped his forearm tight.

"Not you Freak." He said. "Boys choose three more as hostages, kill the rest. Michael went rigged with fear. His stomach curled at his harsh cold words. He would hear the pleas and cries and screams from his co-workers but could do nothing.

"This one." the third man said and pulled out a woman with blonde highlighted hair and short business skirt he knew as Megan. The second man pulled out two more woman, one red head and one burnette. Lucy and the new girl, Charlotte. She had only started two days ago.

"Now we got us a collection." he said with a grin. The men then started to shoot rounds and rounds of bullets into the remaining of people. Michael didn't even try and stop his trembles as the room filled with people's cries and screams of pain untill they fell to the floor dead. Blood was flying everywhere; some landed on Michael's face and clothes making him shudder. Once everyone was dead they were back into the main room. Michael was forced into a chair while Megan, Lucy and Charlotte were forced to remove their clothes till they were just in their breifs. They were then forced to their knees and had their hands tied behide their backs.

"You turned on?" the second man asked with a grin. "Look good don't they?" Michael shook his head and looked down at the floor. He felt completely pathetic and unless.

"Why are you doing this?" Lucy asked bewteen her cries.

"Because its fun." said the third man and then laughed and kicked Lucy to the side and grabbed a fist full of her red hair forcing her head up. Michael closed his eyes trying to block everything out.

It had been over an hour now. Michael was now tied to his chair with a black bag tied over his head and rag in his mouth. He could hear the repeative rape of his co-workers. He wanted it all to stop. He couldn't cope. Not with rape. Not being here.

"Hello Michael, I'm Robert Fuller. Your new psychologist. I'm here to help you cope with what Mommy and Daddy and their friends did to you okay?" Robert asked an eleven year old Michael. Michael nodded and bit his lip. He was scared and wanted to hide, hide from everyone.

"Micheal can you talk to me? Its very rude. Say hi." Robert said.

"Hi." Michael said quietly.

"Can I see the....the ritual markings on your body Michael?" Robert asked and placed his hand on Michael's knee. Michael flinched and nodded nervouly and slowly removed his clothes with shaking hands to revile the occult markings along his chest, torso, and thighs.

"They wanted to cut off your little willy didn't they?" Robert asked and started to masterbate Michael. Michael froze; he didn't know what Robert wanted to do. It must be okay though, he wasn't a real child. Just a sarcafice. Not even human. It didn't matter what Robert wanted to do; but it felt strange. Michael just nodded, his parents had planned to casterate him for Lucifer.

"Its a good thing they didn't." Robert said and continued his molest. "I like them all too much. And your such a pretty little boy....the markings let you down though." Michael nodded tears sliding down his face. He didn't like it, he wanted to run away and hide.

Michael was breathing heavily; he was so scared. He had already urintated on himself and felt humiliated. Then he heard police cars outside and helicoptor.

"Now the fun really begins." said the first man and grabbed Charlotte and yanked her naked body to her feet. Charlotte pleaded and cried with the man; Michael struggled to understand what was going on in his blinded state. It was over now wasn't it? They would be rescued and he could go home to Kyle couldn't they?

"You, take her up to the roof. Once I give you the signal after they call drop her." the first man said and pushed her towards the second man. Michael froze; they were going to kill Charlotte. She was just sixteen year old child working on an intership. She was so young.

"No." Michael mumbled but was ignored as the second man took an hysterical Charlotte by towards the roof tops.

The End

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