True Love

Prompt: "Only machines understand me."

"Eric, I think we should start seeing other people," Sarah told him.

He sighed. This was no surprise to him. Every girl he has managed to date for the past five years has left him. All three of them. Sarah was the longest to put up with him, going on a full three months.

Sarah continued her breakup speech, "I mean, we'll still be really good friends—"

"You don't mean that. Good friends understand each other. You don't understand me at all," Eric interrupted, "Only the machines understand me."

"Well then, you can take your good friends with you and go. That's all you ever do. Constantly tinkering, buying new machines and then tinkering with them. You never cared about me; that was all talk. Now get out."

Eric packed up the few things he had there - the rest of it was at his house - and left. "Who needs her?" he muttered as he was walking home, "Dating is overrated. You can never get any respect these days." Eric continued muttering all the way home.

He booted up his computer at home. Almost instantly, the familiar Fedora login screen awaited his password. He logged in and opened up "futureprojects.odt" to see what he could work on.

"Hmm..." Eric pondered as he looked over the list, "Finish other projects is a no, refurbish old Gateway, meh, build a humanoid robot... hmm..." He thought about it for a long time. "Well, if no girl will understand me, maybe a robot will," Eric finally concluded as he began drawing up plans for an android girlfriend.

The End

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