As i was told by my parents, I was put into bed early this one night, when suddenly i was woken up by a knocking sound on my desk, as i woke up there was a girl sat on my desk, she looked very angry and was shouting at me to get out, she said " this is not your house it's mine now get out"  I believe that i was talking to her and saying who i was and then my dad came into the bedroom.

He said he had heard me talking and wanted to know who i was talking to, when i explained that the girl had lived here before us my dad asked me to describe her,

she had blond hair very slim with a little smile, my dad new the little girl before she died, and went and got my mum,

I don't remember much about the rest of that night, but that wasn't the last time i saw her, it was just the beginning...

The End

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