True Life

Sky is your arvange, non-popular seventh grader. She is one of the closet things to a Angel as you can get. She's smart, she is pretty, but most of all shes sweet. When one f her classmates drags her into something she doesn't need, she becomes intangeld in a wed of lies, love and friendship.


Skylar stood in front of her middle school, fearing to enter. She was the perfect girl, straight A’s , she did gymnastic, she was very pretty yet everyone hated her. She didn’t know why, and that scared her.

She took a deep breath, and entered her second semester as a seventh grader at McNeill Middle school for the Elite. She looked down at her plaid skit, and knee high socks. She wore the uniform the right way, not like a slut like most of the girls. Her done is a simple braid was something to be proud of.

Walking into the school, she made her way past eighth graders, who were yelling nasty words at her. She kept quite, just wanting to make it to class by the first bell.

“Hey, Sky!” Said a familiar voice. She turned around and saw her best friend Logan. She smiled quickly, and waved him over.

“Hey, Logan!” She called cheerfully. He gave her a I’m-your-big-brother type hug, and smiled. They didn’t mind hugging in public, like how most kids there age didn’t mind making out in public.

“How was your holiday?” she said, walking towards her locker, having better luck being run over by eighth graders with Logan by her side.

“Good, although I have some news you not going to like.” He said with a sly smiled She rolled her eyes.

“Your moving? You have cancer?” She asked with out taking a breath, or even a thought.

“No. Um, Macy asked me out.” He said, than fletched, scared Skylar would hit him. She laughed.

“Your joking, right?” Macy was the girl who bullied her since she was in kindergartner. Now, being a seventh grader, Skylar had grown scared of her.

“I’m not.”

“You didn’t say yes did you?” She said, a tint of fear in her voice. But, her question was intrude by a nasally-

“Hey, babe.” from Macy.

The End

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