Chapter 15

We walked all day with no trouble, and by sunset we had reached the spot where Ghoun said was a secret entrance.  All I saw was a layer of bush and a tree in the middle of them.

“Wes must tries to gets in with as little noticements of our entry on the outsides.”  Ghoun said, stepping gently into the bushes.  Thawl laughed as the brush hid Ghoun’s entire body from view, as I stared at Ghoun, slightly frustrated.  We’d walked to the Ash Mountains for nothing?

“Comes ons!  Its below the bush, behinds the tree!  Now bes careful and hurrys up!”  Then, as an afterthought he said, “And don’ts steps on me!!!”

We followed him to the bush behind the tree and realized he had been right, for he opened a latch below the bush, revealing a hole leading underground.

“Be carefuls,” he informed me as I stepped closer, “It’s a slide.”

“I’m going second.  I don’t want to be down there first or up here last.”  Thawl stated.

I shook my head at him, took a step closer to the hole, slipped, and went down headfirst.  It was a rough ride, for I’m sure it was made for something the size of a dwarf, and it was too narrow for me to turn myself around so my head wouldn’t be the first thing to hit the ground.  I finally flew off the slide, and fortunately landed on a pile of hay.  Dizzy and bruised, I slowly stood up, only to feel a sharp point pressed against my chest.

“Whats are you doings here?  How’d you finds the entrance; and who else is with you?”

“Don’t hurt me!  I’m with... I’m with,” I stuttered as I noticed a few more dwarfs coming toward me.  But the dwarf pushed the point of his spear harder into me, slightly puncturing my skin.  I watched as some blood spread across my tunic.

“Speak, human!  Are yous withs the Drans?”  He pushed it harder and more blood seeped through the cloth.  I felt around for my sword which had been on my belt.  Noticing it must have been lost on the fall, I stared around for it, and noticed it on the ground nearby.  Another dwarf noticed my gaze and rushed to pick it up while saying, “Don’t even think about it!”  Then he glanced at it saying, “Hey, this looks familiar.  Rhoun, didn’t we help make this?”

“I’lls check afters I kills him...”

Suddenly something came flying from the side, hitting the dwarf with my sword, who fell and pushed Rhoun slightly.  Rhoun’s spear swiped across my chest as he fell sideways and tumbled down the pile of hay.  He got up and ran towards the next object while punching me down.  I held the bleeding gash in pain while watching the scene.  Rhoun pulled the objec to his feet and I saw that it was Thawl.  His eyes bulged in fear and I didn’t blame him.

Thawl ducked to try to escape from Rhoun, who looked as if he was about to punch him.  I grabbed Rhouns dropped spear and started towards him, when suddenly something else slid down the slide and landed on Rhoun.  Lucky that Thawl had ducked.  Rhoun and the object rolled dwon the hay as I tried to catch up to Rhoun.  But the dwarf who had my sword got there first, as the other dwarfs in the room ducked in case another thing would fall from the sky.  The sword wielding dwarf pulled the two off eachother.  I decided he had noticed that the other object was a dwarf as well.  The two dwarfs stood up, one with his fists ready, one holding a rusty axe.  They’re eyes caught and they dropped out of their fighting stances, gaping at one another.

The End

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