Chapter 11

Leaves swiftly fell to the ground, as the wind began picking up.  The sun was peeking through the branches of the trees… it was setting.  I heard the trees rustling, swaying in the wind.  Footsteps hit the ground beside me.

“I can’t believe I’m coming with you.  I never liked Syth anyway.”

“For God sakes, Thawl, he saved your life!”

“He’s such a dirty man though, I bet he hasn’t shaven for a year!”

“You’re not the cleanest either.” I stared at all the leaves and twigs entangled in his hair.

“Yeah, well, yeah?” Thawl stuttered.

“Heh.  Keep walking.” I laughed.

“Iz don’t seez how you guyz can be so light hearted at timez like thiz.” Ghoun said, jogging along to keep up with us.

“Being upset doesn’t do any good.  Being happy make hard times easier.”

“Wouldn’tz youz know…” Ghoun rolled his eyes.

I stopped.  “As a matter of fact, I would.  I’ve had flashbacks… and terrible memories… playing through my mind.  Of my mother’s death… of the fire.  The only way to not think of that… is to think of happy things… being happy is the cure to everything… too bad that happiness doesn’t always last.”

“I’m sorryz…” Ghoun said.  “I really must learnz to keepz my mouth shut.”

“Yeah, you should,” Thawl said.

The End

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