Chapter 10

Again, I came back to my senses.  As soon as I could, I sat up bolt right and looked around for Syth.

“Where… where is he?” I asked, out of breath, to Ghoun.

“I’z couldn’t finds hims…” he said, ashamed.

“We’ve GOT to go after him!” I ran around, gathering our things.

“What do you mean ‘go after him’, we don’t know where he is!”

“The Drans have him!  They are taking him to the southern side!” I gazed into Thawl’s eyes.  “We’ve got to get him back.”

“If the Drans have got him, there is no way we’re going after him!  We’re not going to follow the enemy!  They want you dead!”

“Well I’m not going to just stand here and let him die!  I’m going after him whether you come or not!”

“You’re insane!  You’re chasing Death himself!”

I gave him a glare and stalked off.

“Goodness, Falc!  Think of what you are doing!” Thawl called after me.

“It seems to me that I’m the only one thinking straight!” I yelled back at him.

“Theyz using Syth az bait!” Ghoun shouted after me.

I abruptly stopped as “Heed my warning.” Repeated through my head.  I turned around, facing them.

“We have a better chance of surviving if we stick together… please come with me… please… Syth doesn’t deserve to die…”

The End

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