Chapter 9


“Randoln!” I exclaimed.

“Falc, you’re alright!” Thawl exclaimed.

“Where’d Randoln go???” I said desperately, gazing around me for him.

“Randoln’s not here, Falc… never was… are you okay?” Thawl stared at me, a look of worriedness gleamed in his eyes,

“I’m fine,” I said.  But, I know I heard Randoln speak to me.  He told me to not get caught or stay safe or something.  But then again, it could have been a dream… but it felt so real!

“Ghoun’s searching,” Thawl frowned.

“For what?” I asked, interested.

“Syth,” Thawl answered, “We think he might have been getting food or something.  Maybe he’s just running a little late.  But we were still worried so Ghoun went searching for him.”

I gaped at Thawl and said quietly, “It wasn’t a dream…” then I passed out again.

The End

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