Chapter 7

We all slept about 20 paces from the stream that night, not wanting to take any chances.  And Ghoun slept about 20 paces even further away, not taking any chances with us.  After the Darklar experience, he had concluded we were all bad luck to him, and he always kept a watchful suspicious eye on us.

I stood up and searched for some edible food.  I found some white and purple berries, fruitrooms, and a loaf tree which carried about 4 pieces of warm, fresh, newly sprouted bread.

I brought this food back to where Syth and Thawl were packing up, ready to move our location again.  I stared over at Ghoun, he was still fast asleep.  I figured he probably stayed up most the night keeping a close eye on us.

“Are these berries edible?” I asked Syth, indicating the white and purple ones.

“Yeah, but half of those-what you think of fruitrooms-aren’t  The ones with the light purple band on the red tops are chokerooms.  You’ll start chocking and suffocating on the first bite, unless you eat a saferoom, which heals you from any mushroom with dark powers… except the darkroom, which instantly kills you and leaves your shadow behind as a Darklar.  There’s no cure for that,,,” His voice trailed off as I felt another great pain in my arm, like before which carrying the firewood.  But this time it hurt with such great force that I started drowning into unconsciousness.

The End

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