Chapter 5

Suddenly, I woke up. I fealt an urge to stand up and look around, for I heard strange noises in the depths of the forest. I heard a rustle of leaves up in a tree, then I heard the snaps of twigs breaking off the tree and falling to the ground. I walked cautiously toward the sounds, and as I came upon the tree which they were coming from, I tripped on a root. As I grumbled in pain, all sound stopped.

Then as I looked up at the ree, I suddenly saw a dark figure leap to another tree, and heard a few snaps, then, again, all sound stopped. I silently looked up at the second tree and my mind filled with fear and rage.  I focused on a branch and tried to find the dark figure, suddenly I heard a loud SNAP, and then CRASH and THUMP.  The branch had fallen to the ground, also bringing down the figure.

I carefully walked toward it and noticed, it was a boy.

I backed off as he stood up he was about 3 inches taller than me and a few years older.

“Did you do that?” He stared at me with his dark eyes.

“I… I dunno,” I felt really young and small standing by him.

“What are you doing here?” He asked strongly.

“I… I dunno.”

“Is that all you can say?  Don’t be scared of me!  Are you scared or somtin?”  He looked hard at me.

“I’m not scared!” I angrily glared at him, “I really don’t know if I did that and don’t know why I’m here other than protecting myself from the Drans!”

“That’s more like it, kid!” He smiled at me with his dirty teeth,” so, what do you mean you’re protecting yourself from the Drans?”

“I… I had to leave the village Lebrieth because the Drans were gonna kill me cuz they know I will have the same strengths as my father Baddeth when I’m older.” I looked at him more closely noticing he was more like a man than a boy, but not as tall as most full grown men.  Then, as I looked at his eyes I noticed a tint of sadness and surpriseness.  He then examined me, how tall I was, my hair, he practically could look through me!  Then, he turned away.

“What… what’s wrong?” I asked in suspicion.

“Nothing, jus something in my eye.  He looked at me and sniffed.

“I really better get back to sleeping.  Me and my friend have a long way to go tomorrow.”

“Okay.  Wait… where will you go?”

“I’m not sure.” I said truthfully, then turned and walked away back to Thawl.

I yawned and rubbed my eyes.  I turned my head toward Thawl and noticed he was still asleep then I stood up and bent over to pick up a few branches to start a fire.  As I turned around the man from last night was right behind me.

“What are you trying to do, kill me?”

“Here,” he gave me some branches.  I said thanks and took the branches but dropped them.  I grabbed my arm in pain.

“What’s wrong kid?” He asked.

“Those branches were really heavy!  How’d you lift them?!” I rubbed my hand.  I don’t know why my hand hurts so bad though.  If the weight of the branches were too heavy for me then it would probably hurt my muscle, not my skin.

“I don’t know maybe its because I’m a 32 year old… umm… warrior?” He shrugged.

“Oh,” I started, “I’m 12.  What’s your name?”

“They call me Syth,” he said, “and you?”

“I’m called Falcon,” I didn’t trust him much so I didn’t tell him my full name, Falconth Wift.

“So… what’s your friend’s name?” He nodded his head toward Thawl.

“His name’s Thawl.” I examined Thawl and could tell he was awake because of his position and the way he breathed, but I didn’t say anyting.

Syth bent down toward the branches and striked rock, starting a great fire.  I stared in amazement.  This guy must have survived out here for a while.  His skills were great!

“Wuh… how… how’d you do that?” I stuttered.

“It’s simple.  And you don’t even hafta lift your hand kid.”

“Wha you mean?” I asked.

“Falcon, you have great skills,” he didn’t even look up at me.  “I can sense it.”

“Wha you mean?  Of course I have skills… everyone has skills.” I stared at him, confused.

“Oh no… not everyone has magic skills.  I myself just have a little.  But my wife, she had a lot.  Too bad her weakness was fire…” he stopped talking, as if he didn’t want to tell me any more.

“Listen, Syth, I have no magic whatsoever.  None at all ya hear me??”  I don’t know why the sound of the word magic made me so mad.  He looked up at me and shook his head sadly.

“I’m telling ya kid, ya have these powers.  If you don’t take notice to ‘em soon then you could loose most of ‘em.  Like I did.  I focused on being a… warrior instead and because of that I have lost so much.”

I didn’t even look up at him.  And I quickly changed the subject.

“Me and Thawl need to get goin’,” I started, “the Drans are getting closer by the minute.”

“You mean… they’re coming here?  To the forest?” I saw a glint of fear in his face.

“I’d think so.” I wondered why he’d be scared.  I’m the one who should be scared.  “As I said, me and Thawl better get a move on.” I walked over to him and kicked him gently at his side.

He got up slowly and acted as if he’d just woken up.

“Kid, ya don’t need to pretend you’ve been asleep the whole time.  Me and Falc both know you’ve been awake.”  Syth hadn’t even looked at Thawl while he was saying that.

I stared at Syth, amazed.  But as he turned toward me, I looked away.

“Come on Thawl let’s go,” I started walking past him and he grabbed our bag filled with bread, old ragged clothes, and the leather satchel the Randoln had given me.

“Wait…” Syth called out after we went about 20 feet.

Thawl turned toward him but I kept walking.

“Can I… come with you?” He asked.

I stopped and turned toward him.  “We don’t know where we’re even going.  Why would you even want to come with us?” The man seemed kind of strange and I was suspicious of him.

“I’ll tell you this… if the Drans find me, I’ll be in deep trouble.”

“Fine.  Come along then.  You might come in handy sometime.”

Hands.  Strong hands.  Lifting me from my bed.  Stood me up in a position so that I would look into the man’s eyes.  Dark.  Dark blue eyes.  Dark blue loving eyes.  My father.  My father’s eyes.  My father’s hands.  Suddenly, the hands rip away from me.  The eyes, the eyes getting further away.  I reach my arms out to grasp the man.  But I can’t reach him.  He’s too far.  Too far away… I can’t grab him.  He’s gone.

I awake suddenly in a deep sweat.

“Falc.  Hey Falc.  Wake up.” I heard a deep voice call out to me.

I slowly opened my eyes.  Dark blue eyes stared back at me.  I squinted at him.

“Syth.” I rubbed my eyes.  “Whats goin on?  It’s so early.” I noticed the deep early morning blue of the sky.

“I’m gonna get Thawl up.  We gotta get outta this forest, quick.”

I grabbed my old clothes I splet on last night and followed Syth toward Thawl.

As Thawl woke up and we gathered our stuff Syth told us.  “The Drans are getting closer by the minut.  If we stay here much longer they could catch up to us.”

“How do you know their gaining on us?” I asked.

“I can sense it,” he looked away and out toward where the village I was just at a few days ago would lay, but we were too deep in the forest to see it.

I glanced at Thawl and we caught each others gaze, we both didn’t trust or believe some of the things Syth said.  Nor we believed his name was Syth.

Syth looked back at us, “Okay, well, let’s get goin’!” We started hiking further… and farther away from the village… my home… no.  Not my home.  My home was in Alibato.  Though, my house there is probably nothing more than ruins.  But no matter what… that was my true home… and for some strange reason I had an urge to return there, however it was probably on the edge of existence, if it even still existed.  The Drans probably destroyed it all.  I suddered, and they probably destroyed most of my 2nd home, where Randoln lives… or lived.  But I couldn’t think like that.  “He must be alive!  He can’t be dead… he’s almost like a father to me,” I said quietly aloud.  Thawl stared at me and I knew what he was going to ask, but before he could I said, “Randoln!  We must go back and make sure he’s okay!” I turned and headed back toward the village.

“No!  Stop Falcon!  You can’t do this!  Stop!  Think about what your doing!” He grabbed my arm and gazed into my eyes, “Randoln will be okay, he’ll be fine.  We can’t go back!  You can’t go back especially!  Okay?  Everything will be fine.  He’ll be fine.” I looked from Thawl, then toward the village, then Thawl, then the village.  My eyes became blurry, worse than they usually are.  Then everything stopped.  Like a candle that suddenly burned out.  My mind went blank.  Then I saw nothing.

The End

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