Chapter 4

I fell for about the 100th time, getting a mouthful of dirt.

“Listen, Thawl,” I started, “You know that my vision isn’t the best, and its horrible at night. My knees are bloody, lets stop and camp for the night.”

“You don’t listen enough…at the village haven’t you heard all the stories about the Dark Forest?”

“No,” I looked at him disoriented.

“Man, you know, the one about the flying ghost?”

“No,” I said again, anxious for him to get to the point.

“Well, at night this “thing” jumps around from tree to tree, it’s so fast that it’s almost invisible. And that’s just part of it, but you see, it only comes out at night.”

“Man, how can you believe that rubbish. It’s all lies to keep you from thinking of leaving the village.”

He looked at me as if I was crazy. Then he started to look around with his eyes, for he knew what I was going to say next.

“Listen, as I said, those stories are lyes, now we’re gonna camp here for the night and that’s that!” I shook a little at my own words but stopped before Thawl would notice.

“Hey, gimme some of those clothes,” I pointed toward the bag. He gave me one, which was a little too big, but would work. I changed into them and used the old ones for my blanket. Thawl did the same, and with that, we fell into silence, which sent a chill down my spine, and then catiously, fell asleep.

The End

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