Chapter 3

I ran full speed into the shop and ended up tripping over Thawl, hitting my head on the table with the owner behind it. I held my head in pain, and clumsily stood up.

“Man, are you okay?” Thawl looked at me strangely, “What’s the hurry? What’s going on?” I saw a look of worry spread across his face.

“I’m fine, but not for long. We have to get out of here.”

“What?!” he gasped, “What’s going on?”

“Thawl, listen! There’s no time to explain! I’ll tell you later! Let’s go!”

“OK. OK,” he grabbed the clothes he bought and the satchel with the leftover money.

I started running out the door, then stopped in surprise, for across the street was a dark figure. “What…” Thawl started, but I shushed him and motioned him to follow.

I slide across the outside wall of the shop, staying as close to it as possible. Then I ran as quietly as a deer behind another building.

“Hurry up!” I whispered back to Thawl, as he quietly ran toward me.

Thawl stared at me questionly, but I just shook my head and motioned him to keep following.

I ran through the village until I got to the back entrance of it.

As we neared it we noticed two guards were there.

“Let me do the talking, you just play along,” I whispered quietly to him.

He nodded in reply.

We walked toward them.

“Sirs,” I started in a child like voice, “My dog escaped a while ago an we must go find him.”

The guards stared hard at me, “One dog don’t make a difference kid, there ain’t no point to it.”

“But sir,” I started to sniff and get some tears coming out of my eyes. “He has helped our family survive for years, he’s one of the best huntin’ dogs. If me and my big brother don’t find it, our parents will beat us!” I started bawling.

“Sir,” Thawl started, “you keep holdin us up, the farther the dog gets; the farther the dog gets, the farther we go. So if you’d juts cooperate then we won’t have to venture out as far.”

In my head I thought, Way to go Thawl!

“Fine then,” the other guard growled, “Be gone with you! Before we’re the ones beatin you.”

With that, we ran off, leaving the peaceful village, heading for…a deep, dark forest.

The End

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