Chapter 2

“Sit down.” Randaln pointed to a wooden chair. I sat down.

“Sir, you wished to see me?” I looked at his glittering blue eyes which usually seemed to have a tint of a crystal gleam in them, but now it was as if the usual gleam was hidden behind the white. He looked away as if trying to hide something, and I saw him bring a leather piece to his face, when he brought it down, it seemed darker, from…wetness. His hair, as white as snow now looked gray and shaggy.

“Yes, it is of great importance,” he looked up at me, his eyes showed a tint of sadness.

I wated in silence for him to tell me, but he did not speak.

“Sir, what do you wish to tell me?”

“Falconth, my son, the greatest made in history has been murdered.”

My jaw dropped, “I’m sorry, sir.” How could he have been killed? He had never been outmatched!

“Bu…But sir! By whom may I ask, could do such a thing?” I stuttered out in surprise.

“It was by no doubt, a Dran. And if this is true, you must leave here quickly! For you should be next!”


“They know more than you think, Falconth. They know you are Baddeth’s son, so will therefore have his strengths in the future. They also know that you’re here. You must leave quickly!” He grabbed a leather bag behind him, and handed it to me, “You’ll need it. Now get Thawl and go!”

I stood up and frightenly stared at him. He couldn’t bare it any longer and turned away saying, “Leave, Now!” he bent over and put his head in his arms.

I looked at him for one last time, for I would surely never see him again.

I fealt a tear run down my cheak, I never noticed how much I loved this man. Ever since I arrived here when I was 7, he always looked after me, fed me, cared for me, loved me. I was going to miss this man, already it fealt as if a part of me was missing.

I turned, and ran out the door. My eyes seemed so blurry that I had more trouble seeing than I already did, and I ended up running into a cart, filled with food(mostly bread).

The cart fell on its side, the man behind it angrily waved his fists at me. Half of the food in it poured out, as I fell to the ground.

I jumped to my feet, but not before grabbing a few loafs of bread 6 inches long each. Before the man saw what I did I pointed behind him with my free hand and said, “Look! Thief!” 

With the little time I had, I quickly ran behind a small hut and ran away from the shene without being caught.

I stopped just for a moment, to add the bread to my satchel, then I ran to the shop where I expected to find Thawl.

The End

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