Chapter 1

I sat up from my sleeping position, and I watched as a deer outside leaped fat the side of a merry stag, behind them was a small playful deer, which I guessed was their child.

I laid back down, frowining. “What about my family?” I thought, “I wish I knew them. I wish…they didn’t die.”

My mom was killed by a Dran during the attack of Alibato. My father, Baddeth, was hold hostage at the Dran base, and he was, no doubtfully, killed.

That was 5 years ago, when I was 7. I had managed to escape my burning hut, only to leave a burnt scar on my right arm and the side of my face. It also damaged my right eye, which I can see from blurly.

I stared toward Thawl, a boy who escaped like me from Alibato, we snuck through the Dran guards and have survived together for 5 years.

He was 11, a year younger than me, but he was stronger and good at handeling swords.

As I was smaller and quicker, and very good at hiding and spying. However, we got along well and worked as a good team.

“Would you stop staring at me,” he mumbled even though he was turned away from me.

I smiled, this was how we started every day, with a smile on our face, ready to face our troubles later in the day.

“What?” I wasn’t stareing at you,” I replied sarcastacly. 

“Good comeback.” He sat up and smiled.

I licked my hand and pushed my hair back.

“I must go see Randaln, he said he must talk to me. You go to the shops to buy us more clothes while I go talk to him.” I stood up, and tried to get rid of the wrinkles in my tunic. Then, I took out my satchel and handed it to Thawl.

“Don’t let anyone get their hands on that. Without that we won’t have any money, and we’ll have to earn it all over again.”

“I’ll guard it with my life, sir,” he said mockingly.

“I’m serious!” I glared at him, “You lost our money before, if you do it again, then you will earn our money without my help.” I angrily threw my satchel at him and turned away, walking out our hut door.

The End

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