A village guard of Alibato sat down.

“This is such a boring job. I mean, this village is so safe, there is no need of guards.”

“You never know when something could happen. Someone could pop out of no where and kill you right now,” the second guard replied.

“It would be more entertaining than this, “the first guard mumbled.

“Then be ready to be entertained,” a low, scratchy voice said.

“What the…” the second guard started as a dark figure jumped behind the other guard.

The dark figure lifted a gleaming dagger above his head and brought it down hard through the first guard.

As this happened another figure snuck up behind the other guard.

As the guard turned to run, he faced the other figure. All he saw before his death was horrible dark, blank eyes.




“My child! Save my child!” A small hut was set in flames, a woman close by screaming.

“Get my child out of there! He’ll die! He’ll die!”

A large crowd of people pushed by her some saying, “Run for ye lives! They’re gonna kill us all!”

The screaming woman was forced away from her hut with the crowd.

“NO!!!” she screamed as she got farther away from her hut, “NO!!!”

The End

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