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            It gave me an idea. “The next time one of them come closer to you, turn around and smack them right across the face. After that, apologize and tell them you thought they were a stalker.”

            That plan brightened up her face. “What a brilliant idea!”

            And let us hope that they people tailing Nadia didn’t hear me. There was no way I was going to be interrupted on the way back to school by them so that I could be interrogated.


            When lunch was over, we headed back to school. During fifth period, I asked to go to the bathroom and jogged my way there. I forgot to mention something very important. There were cameras everywhere in this school. Talking about privacy, I know. However, with cameras, there was always a blind spot. That spot happened to be on the third floor, near Mr. Hanson’s history class.

            Did I mention that our school had three stories?

            I found out about this when I was planning the plot to steal the item that I shall never mention. The cameras weren’t obvious, but rather hidden. The only reason why I figured it out was on my discussion with Eira. He had snuck into the security room—he thought it was the janitor’s—and dreadfully stared at all the monitors recording every movement.

            He was lucky that there wasn't anybody there at the time. He was able to disable the cameras for a few second for him to escape. Now, Eira wasn’t a smart person when it came to technology, and he didn’t explain much to me about how he ‘disabled’ it. So I assumed he just smashed the buttons until something happened.

            When my mind was now aware of the recording camcorder, I knew I should call the police and notify them of the crime this school was doing. Hah, like I would. The Department would do just about everything to stop me. Then, without a sound, I would be erased out of existence. Okay, back to where I was. When my mind was now aware of the recording camcorder, my eyes were able to spot it a lot quicker. Although it was a bad idea to stare at it directly. They would get suspicious.

            These cameras were hidden in corners; a small little hole was carved into the edges. Then the camera was placed inside and they covered it up with rice paper. Or at least I think it’s rice paper. I tested out my theory a few months back by blending in with the boys who liked to play football indoors. So, yeah, I threw the football at one of the corners. It hadn’t exactly gone to plan. The camera was probably damaged, but whatever was covering it didn’t peel off. Rather, it was smudged up and was completely different from the wall it was trying to camouflage as.

            Days went on, and I noticed the difference in the walls. The paper covering the hidden recorders had a slightly different color. It was only noticeable if you looked at it closely enough. But for a high school student, it didn’t matter much.

            I’m yammering on a bit too much, aren’t I? Sorry about that.

            Nothing could be recorded here. Eira and I made sure we kept out voice at a low volume, just in case the nearest one captured our conversation. “What do you want, Eira?”

            “I was thinking…” he muttered.

            This was starting off bad already.

            “We should go for something better.”

            “What do you mean by that? Please, don’t tell me you want to—

The End

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