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            After I got my coffee and food, I stopped helping Nadia and dived into my meal. Hah, if I could. I was interrupted by the person that my family suddenly hated because of one stupid decision that I made. “What do you want?”

            “Wah, attitude!” he exclaimed.

            Nadia chuckled.

            Eira grabbed a seat from the other tables and pulled it to our table. “I’m just here to say hi.”

            “Right...” I muttered.

            “No, really, I am,” he said. “Well, and then a bit more than that. Hi, Nadia.”

            “Hey,” she calmly replied to his randomness.

            “What is it?” I started again.

            The boy scanned the area, searching for any suspicious looking people who might possibly be agents. Then he whispered, “I need your help with something.”

            “Maybe you should ask somebody else. I’m not permitted to talk to you.”

            “Says who?”

            “My brother who will pummel you to the ground if he finds out that you were near me.”

            He laughed. “That’s funny, but seriously.”

            “With what?” I asked.

            “Talk to me during fifth.”

            “I don’t have you fifth period.”

            He stared at me intently, like he was transferring the answer to me. In which he did. The light switched on, and I knew what he spoke of. “Sorry to interrupt,” Nadia started, “but I’ve never really found out why you two got suspended.”

            Eira’s eyes shined, and he began to brag. And surely, it wasn’t something he should be bragging about. It wasn’t like we stole a diamond or anything like that. Who would bring a diamond to school anyway? Even if it was on a ring or accessories of sorts. Eira was actually charged with petty thievery while I, on the other hand, was charged with felony, which didn’t make any sense to me. Sure, they made every blame on Eira since they thought he stole it. They only thought I was an accessory and was keeping the item. I will never understand why I had a bigger crime. Maybe I should learn the law, but it was too tedious.

            “That’s all?” Nadia questioned. “Hahah! You two were idiots.”

            I really wished she could say that again, but it hurt me. He growled and defended himself. It didn’t exactly help with the fact that I was the person who made it happened. Sure, he was a lot better when it came to the actual stealing and all that; however, I was the one who planned it out. If I had known how to pickpocket, lockpick, and had the walking ability of a cat, I would’ve done it by myself. Then again, why would I? Who would want to steal such an item as that?

            Eira was already off of the list since we were a package. Although the Department kept a careful eye around him whenever they could. Like right now, as he hung out with Nadia. His eyes averted the suspicious men who glanced at us from time to time. Nadia sighed, and said, “This is such a bothersome. This stupid watch-list is just an excuse for the Department to follow us. How am I supposed to know whether the people following me are from the Department and not actual stalkers?”

The End

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