Beginning Strings

            Ah, yes, Dasha, that was my name. Not really. It was my surname. I found my actual name to be embarrassing. I looked out to my left where the inner streets were, and saw Nadia. She was dark-skinned, frizzy hair that looked like it would turn itself into an afro at any moment. In her hands, she wore silver rings on all of her fingers. It was a poor excuse of a brass knuckles, really. Nadia was running toward the café. And though she was a transfer student from six months ago, I still couldn’t comprehend seeing her in her uniform. I had been sitting next to her for six months. And I will never know how she sneaked out of class.

            In her hand held a wrapped sandwich.

            Nadia gotten to the empty chair, opposite of me, and groaned. “I can’t believe I was stuck in line even though I came there five minutes early.”

            I pointed. “What is that?”

            “It’s a special kind of sandwich that they made every month and it’s quite rare. I’m quite happy that I actually got one without knocking somebody’s head off.”

            From that, you might be wondering if she was a delinquent. And to be honest, yes. Nadia transferred to my school due to her last school expelling her. The Sitrus academy had their motto of accepting every kind of students, no matter their past. So, yeah, even if you killed a dozen of people, as long as you passed the test, you were a student. This might sound rude, but I didn’t expect someone like her to even think of coming to this school. Then again, I didn’t even think that Eira would excel the high school exam. But he did.

            “What’s in it?”

            “Honey-glazed ham and chicken, mayonnaise...”

            “Okay, I see why it was rare,” I stopped her.

            The moment she said mayonnaise, I was already taken. Though I wouldn’t ask her for some, she fought for that. Then again, I didn’t even need to. Nadia was a nice person once you get to know her and her ferocious side. She pointed the sandwich at my face after she unwrapped it. “Want a bite?”

            So I did, I bit it. Oh, it was surely a god-made sandwich. It had all kinds of spices in it. At first, it tasted sweet, then it became spicy, and the sudden jalapeno came and sour things up. Oh, why was I even talking about this?

            The same waitress came back, expecting an order. “Hello, what would you like?”
            With her mouth full, Nadia said, “Can I have green tea with nothing added in?”

            “Black coffee with condensed milk.” I went back to the menu and searched for something to eat. Actually, I didn’t even need to look, I already knew what I was about to say. I ordered the same thing every time. “And can I get the number five?”

            After repeating the orders and us nodding, the waitress thanked us and went on her way. We resumed with... whatever we were doing.

            Nadia already finished her lunch and was thinking of ordering food from the cafe. But before that, she had to finish her homework. So she took out all the items that was demanded and begun on her work. Well, I was only waiting for my food, so I had nothing else to do rather than help Nadia. I did my homework during class since the teacher seemed to not care as long as I did well on their tests.

            On occasions, I could see people watching us. Ah, I mean, not us, Nadia. She was on the Department’s watch list, and it was implied that she wasn’t off the hook yet due to the fact that there were random citizens staring at her every few minutes. Especially since she was expelled just six months ago.

The End

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