Step 1

            I sniffed, removing the English book off of my desk and stuffing it inside my backpack. It was lunch time, and I had no intention on risking my life for something to eat in the cafeteria. That was Nadia’s job. Certainly, she was a master at buying lunch. The cafeteria was a battlefield if you wanted the food that you craved, although I shouldn’t be getting too much into detail about that. It wasn’t like any blood was shed. After I finished packing up, I headed out of the classroom in order to get off of the school campus.

            This place allowed students to leave due to the fact that lunch was an hour long. It might be a weird system and all, but to be honest, I didn’t really care as much. An hour long lunch was pretty good for me. It gave me some time to eat and then maybe sleep, or finish my homework, or start on my project, or... procrastinate.

            I was to meet Nadia at our usual place, the Firefly, a modern and average looking café. It served good food and that was all that I cared. But to be honest, and I was very sad by the fact that I was going to say that the school lunch was actually better. Yeah, one might think I was crazy, but I wasn’t. This school was unbelievably rich up to the point where I didn’t even know where they got their money.

            So I guessed it was a school of elites... possibly. It required a school uniform that was awfully expensive, but that was really the only thing (rather than the registry fee) you had to pay. Well, this place was strict with education. They weren’t with money for some reason. If you were able to pass but were unable to pay for your fees, they would lend you whatever they had and you would be able to pay it. You could only pay it off until the end of your high school career. If you didn’t pay it, of course, you wouldn’t be able to graduate.

            Enough about that.

                Somehow, I was here early, which was ridiculous. Nadia usually skipped the last five minutes of her class and went directly to Firefly. Or the café, she would still be here first, though. So sitting alone for the first time was awkward for me. The waitress had asked me, “How many people are there?” as if it was a restaurant.

            “Two,” I replied either way.

            She led me to an empty table with two chairs. The lady recognized me in my uniform, smiled brightly as if to get my positive attention of her. “Please tell me when you’re ready."

            And the waitress handed me a menu.

            Though she ‘led’ me here, I was the one who chose to sit outside in the shade. This was an outdoor cafe, and it was breezy—a perfect weather. I gazed at the menu, my stomach growling... I had concluded that I was a tad hungry.

            “Maybe a sandwich—

            “Dasha!” a voice called out to me. It was husky, but had a light tone to it.

The End

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