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Criminal Files


Name: Eira Dwuiyn

Age: 17
Gender: Male

Height: 5’’6

Weight: 155

Eyes: Brown

Piercings: Snake Bites—Lips

Skin: Light Brown

Hair: Black

Ethnic: Mexican

Birthplace: City of Yurial, Alora

Criminal Record: Petty Thievery



          Dwuiyn show signs of trouble later on in his life. He has hardened up due to his distances with his mother. He is a selfish person who handed Dasha over on a silver plate. Eira used the poor girl for his own pleasure. From the report, he isn’t doing well in his classes. And as we said, he doesn’t care about the world.

          He will be put on our watch list and one of our agents will monitor him until he reaches the age of eighteen. The Department wants to keep him from doing anything against the law and we will direct the boy to a brighter path. This might be just a petty crime, but one petty crime might lead to something bigger. We must take him away from that road before it happens. We will succeed. We have done it to many other kids and he will be one of them too.

The End

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