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Criminal Files

Name: Sapphire Dasha

Age: 16
Gender: Female

Height: 5’’4

Weight: 105

Eyes: Blue

Piercings: Left Ear

Skin: Fairly White

Hair: Brunette (dyed black)

Ethnic: British Korean

Birthplace: South Korea

Criminal Record: Felony (Stolen Property)



          Dasha is a good girl at heart who just happened to help the wrong person. She showed remorse about her action. This mistake will make sure that she will never be involved with people like Dwuiyn. She has a lot to learn and many years to learn them. The Department hopes that Dasha will be a great contributor to Alora. She won’t be on our watch list, or rather, she will be watched for the next two weeks. If she shows no signs of trouble, then we’ll take her out of our list.

          She is a girl who does well in school. She did nothing wrong until this one action. The Department worries that she doesn’t know how to pick her friends. Now, she’s passing all of her classes and she is keeping a bright attitude toward other people.

          The girl’s not perfect. She is like all the other kids out there. Dasha is confused is and she is searching for herself. The only problem is that she isn’t searching at the correct place. The Department would like to help, but we only deal with criminals. Dasha isn’t one of them; she must find it on her own. We cannot help her directly like all the other kids. Maybe… we can help her indirectly.

          Although she was born in South Korea, she has no memories of being there. The Department assumed she was taken to Alora after she was born.

The End

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