One might say that mistakes will lead you to becoming a better person. That's because you've learned from your mistakes. But does that works for criminals too? Because surely my mistake has led me to becoming one of the greatest thieves of all time. And I am not proud of it.

            Eira expected to be in a dark room, sitting in front of the table with a single light and then those cops slamming down on the metal desk and yelling their lungs out. Unfortunately, he was just a petty thief in the man’s eyes and an underage criminal. All he had gotten was a small chat from the Juvenile police. He did get his wish about the bad cop ploy.

            “Tell me, son, do you know what the hardest part about killing another human being is?” the police officer suddenly switched to a new topic. Before this, he was questioning Eira about why he had stolen the victim’s two-hundred dollar watch. After he had gone to a different subject, the policeman didn’t even give Eira the time to reply. “Murdering another human being, simple answer as that. People don’t want to be killed, and in a time of crisis, they may show more strength than they can bear. And fighting back with the victim can be difficult.”

            “I’m sorry to interrupt,” he uttered, “but how does this have to do with me?”

            The man frowned, pointing his rugged finger at the thief. “Because I know kids like you will always go down that path no matter what other people advise you. When that day comes, I’ll be glad to throw you in jail for your crimes.”

            If his hands were free or in front of him, he would scratch the awful itch on his cheek. Eira chuckled to move his cheeks around. “Please…”

            Officer Jefferson lightly pulled on his beard, sighing. “Get out of here. We’re done.”

            Getting out as in heading back to the same chair he had been sitting on for the past hours. Although the difference was that his partner-in-crime was seated right next to him. Well, that person would be me. I was rubbing my teary face on my shoulders to wipe it all off before Eira came back. And that scene inside was all he told me about. I burst when I was inside with Officer Jefferson. He treated me kindly, for he knew that I was a “good child who was hanging out with the wrong kids.” Sure, I was with the wrong man—and I did say that with no emphasis on any affection toward Eira—but he didn’t catch me with his devious plan. No, no, I offered to help him. Sometimes, I regretted this action. Sometimes, I felt as if this was a right choice in my life.

            I’m not encouraging kids to make bad decisions like I did. You shouldn’t be doing that, especially with the Department around to track your every move once you’re on their list. Trust me; it’s a pain in the neck to be watched every day. Even I don’t know how they get that many employees to stalk every naughty child. Oh, wait, it’s called technologies. The Department only releases their hounds onto the ones they suspect to cause another incident.

The End

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