Rosalie, Edna's slave

Troy was training with Mr.Bear like any other day when Rosalie showed up. She was there on a mission! She hoped to make Troy fall in love with her so he could be lured to Edna’s fortress and locked up the dungeon before he ruined all her evil plans.

She said, "Let's go have some fun today!"

"No, no, no, no. Troy is busy training today, so you can go now. Bye, come again!" replied Mr.Bear. 

Right when Rosalie was about to leave, Troy said, "Actually Mr.Bear, I do want some fresh air. And I'm been doing these work out drills for a pretty long time. Can you let me take a little break? Just for today? I'll work harder tomorrow!" 

"Not a chance. You wanted to be a hero, and I'm going to make you one. Now, keep working on your push-ups, or I'll add ten extra ones!"

Troy and Mr.Bear were arguing for quite sometime, but Mr.Bear finally let Troy go with Rosalie. 

"Be back in 3 hours, sharp!" exclaimed Mr.Bear. 

Troy and Rosalie when to the park together. They watched entertaining plays and ate good food. After spending time with Troy, Rosalie’s worst fear came true: she had fallen in love with him! Troy was completely unaware that Rosalie liked him as much as he liked her so he simply said, "Okay, I better get going. Mr.Bear will be even madder if I am late." 

Rosalie tried to stop him, but he wouldn't give in. When Troy was leaving the park, the sky that had been sunny and bright, turned dark and cloudy. Troy thought it was just about to rain, so he turned around and said, "Bye Rosalie! Had a great time with you, see you soon!" 

When he turned back, he saw a woman with her face covered with her hood blocking his way, wide her arms wide open. "You're not going anywhere," she chuckled. 

Troy wondered who she was, until she took off the hood, and he saw, that it was Edna, the beautiful woman he saw when Pete was taken away. Troy gasped. 

"You're... you're the girl that took my guardian. You’re Edna!" yelled Troy.

"Ha, Ha! I sure am," replied Edna. She walked past Troy and found Rosalie. "There you are, my pathetic little slave. I was waiting the whole day for you to come back with him."

"You're slave...?" asked Troy clueless, "What are you talking about?"

Edna explained to Troy that Rosalie, the girl he thought he really liked, was working for Edna, his enemy, this whole time. 

"I was just getting her to pretend she liked you so I could stop you from defeating me. See, when I took off with Pete that day, I had a bigger plan. I knew that you would come back for him. But you were clever enough to figure out how to not take his place and be my slave. I decided to play dirty and capture you using Rosalie," explained Edna. 

"Stop!" yelled Rosalie, "That's not true! I mean, it was true, but not anymore. I really do like you Troy! I would never do anything to hurt you! Please believe me!" 

Troy didn't know what to say. He was shocked and he had no idea what to do. Right when he was about to say something to Rosalie, Mr. Bear flew in on his winged horse, Pegasus and yelled, "Troy! You said you'd be back in three hours, and you deliberately disobeyed me! Come with me right now!" 

Mr.Bear jumped off the horse’s back, picked Troy up, and jumped back on. Mr.Bear kicked Pegasus's stomach with the back of his own shoe, and Pegasus flew away. Once again, Edna failed to capture Troy.

The End

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